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npower Reports A £330bn Investment Needed In UK Energy Infrastructure By 2030

The urgent need for up to £330bn of investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure to ensure a secure energy supply, meet carbon emissions reduction targets and protect the UK economy by 2030, is highlighted in a new report from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

The npower Future Report – ‘Energy and the economy: The 2030 outlook for UK businesses’ – reflects upon the need for a balanced focus on economic growth and investment in the energy infrastructure to deliver a low carbon and strong UK economy. It also calls on businesses to act now to ensure they are protected for the future.

Three potential scenarios for the 2030 energy and economic landscape and the implications for UK business are examined in the report; from continued austerity to a sidelining of carbon emissions reduction targets in favour of cheaper energy sources to power the UK and businesses. The report shows how a number of factors will shape what 2030 will mean for UK plc.

Professor Samuel Fankhauser, author of the npower Future Report, Co-Director of the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at The London School of Economics and Political Science and a member of the Committee on Climate Change, commented: “This report shows how fragile and delicate the equilibrium of factors is for protecting the future of the UK energy industry. A slight change of emphasis in policy, a weakening economic picture or a preference for cheaper energy sources over low carbon energy generation could result in very different operating environments for UK businesses. It is crucial UK businesses take action now to overcome the potential challenges they may face.”

Volker Beckers, CEO of RWE npower, commented: “£200bn by 2020 has been the long-held figure recognised as being key to a secure energy future. However, this report shows that almost the same amount again is needed just 10 years later to provide the right environment to balance cost, carbon and continuity of supply. It is therefore crucial that the UK energy industry, Government and businesses work collaboratively to ensure this level of investment is secured and foundations are set for economic and environmental prosperity by 2030.”

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npower Reveals Nearly Half Of Businesses Want The Carbon Reduction Commitment Scrapped

Npower has conducted new research revealing that, on the first anniversary of its implementation, UK businesses want the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) scrapped.

The research reveals that companies not only want to see an end to the scheme, but over a quarter (29%) also said they do not think the Carbon Reduction Commitment will help the UK meet its carbon reduction targets – one of its key aims.

The government proposed several changes to the scheme as part of its Comprehensive Spending Review and as such, financial incentives which were originally included in the scheme were removed. Nearly half of businesses (43%) said they want financial incentives reintroduced and 40% of organisations said that now the CRC is effectively a tax, there is no incentive for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions – another important reason why the scheme was introduced in the first place.

Dave Lewis, head of business energy services at npower, said: “The results of our latest research reflect much of the feedback we receive on a daily basis from our customers. It is concerning that the changes to the CRC have resulted in businesses putting less priority on reducing emissions, which was one of its key aims. We feel it is important that organisations focus on the best practice behaviour the CRC sets out to encourage, as energy efficiency and effective energy management make sound commercial sense, with or without the scheme.”

Over half of businesses (54%) feel the CRC places unnecessary financial burden on businesses and 41% feel the CRC should be postponed until the UK economy’s financial recovery is more secure.

Dave Lewis continues: “It is also worth noting that nearly half of businesses (48%) said they felt the scheme’s first league table, due to be published in October 2011, will not carry any real meaning. When the scheme was first launched, this was an important element of its financial and reputational incentives, so these results seem to suggest that organisations are viewing the scheme differently, and many of our customers have told us they see it purely as another tax.

“The next milestone in the CRC calendar is submission of the first footprint report, which details an organisation’s carbon emissions from April 2010. This is due by 29 July and our research reveals that not only are over one in ten businesses concerned their company will miss the deadline but that 10% of them are not confident the data their company will submit is correct. This is a real concern as accurate data is the first point of any effective energy management strategy and only by truly knowing how and where energy is being consumed can efficiency measures be put in place.”

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Opus Energy Launches Gas Market Service

In response to customer demand, the UK’s largest independent business energy supplier, Opus Energy, has expanded its market portfolio to offer a new gas service to small and medium (SME) businesses.

The gas service offers customers a clear alternative to existing market suppliers and includes many of the popular benefits already available with Opus’ successful electricity products. Customers will have access to competitively priced, fixed-term contracts, shielding them from gas market price fluctuations. Existing electricity customers will continue to receive the same high standard of customer care with the ease of only having one supplier.

The energy supplier currently provides electricity to over 60,000 sites across the UK and entry into the gas market is proving successful. Since the first supply went live in the middle of October 2009, sales have exceeded expectations, with over 1,000 customers already signed up.

Opus Energy has the flexibility to buy gas from a number of market sources and is therefore able to respond quickly to market price changes, and pass cost-savings directly onto customers. The gas service will initially be marketed to existing and new SME customers.

Charlie Crossley Cooke, founder and Managing Director of Opus Energy, said:

“Opus Energy has successfully been supplying electricity to the business market for seven years. We’ve experienced significant growth based on our competitive pricing, exceptional level of customer service and an incremental growth strategy. We have responded to the high level of customer demand for gas products and will apply the same principles to ensure that we become a first rate gas supplier.

“The expansion of the gas service will be developed to ensure we continue to see overall company growth and maintain the high levels of customer service expected from Opus Energy.”

Businesses can receive a competitive online quote for gas services by visiting www.opusenergy.com or calling 0845 0405810.

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