Uniseal, Inc. To Offer High Performance Adhesives And Sealants To The Solar Power Industry, Improving Service Life, Reliability, And Efficiency

Uniseal, Incorporated has announced it’s entry into the Solar Energy field, with its SolFusionâ„¢ family of adhesives and sealants for Photovoltaic, Concentrated Photovoltaic, and Concentrated Solar Thermal devices and racking systems.

Brandon Willis, Business Development Manger for Renewable Energy, will lead the company’s efforts in bringing advanced products that directly contribute to increased efficiency, improved service life and reliability, and lower cost per watt to the industry.

Randy Zahn, President, stated, “Uniseal is excited to bring its rich history of innovation and unsurpassed quality to the solar industry. Our expertise in the areas of multi-surface bonding adhesion and vapor and moisture sealing along with our state of the art facilities position us well to advance the capabilities of current and future generations of these devices.”

Willis noted that Uniseal’s extensive history in the automotive sector directly translates to their new market focus stating, “Uniseal has been at the forefront of many manufacturing innovations in the automotive industry, helping the OEM’s drive down costs while improving vehicle performance, quality, and safety. Solar firms are looking for similar technical innovations that will help push their technology to the forefront of the industry. We can make a substantial contribution to those goals.”

Uniseal SolFusion™ products are available world-wide. The product line includes solutions for the fabrication, assembly, attachment, and installation of crystalline and thin film photovoltaics as well as concentrating PV and solar thermal devices. The company will exhibit at Solar Power International in Los Angeles, October 12-14, Kentia Hall Booth #5718.

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Scotland Leads EU Partnership Launch of The Good Practice Wind Project is Welcomed By Wind Turbine Manufacturer Gaia-Wind.co.uk

A partnership aimed at the increased opportunity for and construction of both onshore and offshore wind developments has been launched. The Scottish led group of eight EU nations, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Ireland, Norway, and Belgium, also benefits from the contribution of an additional 17 partners, including academics, local authorities, power companies and consultants.

The partnership hopes to assist the European Union reach its 2020 carbon emission reduction targets on time. Scotland appear to be well placed to advise on such issues, having already reached the halfway point in their own campaign to cut carbon emissions by 42% (a shade higher than other European and US targets) by the beginning of the next decade.

Leading Small Wind Turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind has welcomed the launch of the Good Practice Wind Project. Managing Director Johnnie Andringa said:

“We particularly welcome the drive to enable communities to play their part in building a renewable energy future. However, with Scottish elections ahead, we must watch out for ‘tinkering politician syndrome’.

“At Gaia-Wind the big technological advances we are developing today will not show up in our products for at least 3 years. A politician changing the rules of the game while we are doing our work would be disastrous.”

The reservations evident in Andringa’s statement regarding the perhaps meddlesome activities of politicians should be allayed somewhat by the apparent determination of Scottish Energy Minister Jim Mather, who launched the partnership, to build upon the renewable energy potential of Europe.

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Aaron Mokoena Calls On Schools To Join npower Football League Kids Cup

Aaron Mokoena of Portsmouth FC has unveiled the new npower Football League Kid’s Cup competition, a six-a-side competition for teams of mixed under 11’s designed to nurture a new generation of football stars and encourage healthy competition amongst kids.

Alongside the Kids Cup, npower will also be supporting a similar competition for teams of under 13 girls titled the npower Football League Girls Cup.

Aaron is encouraging schools to sign up for both cups by entering their local competition, in the hopes of winning the chance to represent the club at the regional, and then later area and national phases of the competitions.

The best sides will then battle it out in front of thousands of fans before one of The Football League’s showpiece finals.

Clare McDougall, npower’s head of Education and Community, commented:

“npower is really pleased to be supporting the involvement of children in sport from an early age – a key component of our sponsorship of The Football League. Encouraging a bit of healthy competition amongst kids is great for building their self-confidence and who knows, we may even be nurturing a few future pro players too”

Greg Clarke, Chairman of The Football League, said:

“The npower Football League Kids Cup and Girls Cup are fantastic ways of encouraging schoolchildren to take part in competitive sport as well as offering them the chance of a lifetime to play in front of thousands of fans.”

The npower Football League Kids Cup was formerly known as The Football League Community Cup. The road to the Finals starts in September with each Football League club organising a competition for all local schools wishing to take part. The finals of the U11 Cup will be played prior to the npower Football League Play-Off Finals. The U13 Girls Cup will be played prior to the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Final.

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npower Celebrates ‘Consumer Supplier Of The Year’ Award Win

npower is celebrating after being presented with ‘The Consumer Supplier of the Year’ award at the first ever Energy Event Awards. The award recognises the supplier that has excelled in providing industrial and commercial consumers with an outstanding service, product or innovation.

The awards are a new addition to the annual Energy Event, which took place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 8-9th September 2010. The awards recognise and reward achievements in the energy industry, celebrating the suppliers and businesses that are bringing new ideas and innovations to how energy is used and managed.

The award was presented to David Cockshott, director of industrial and commercial markets at npower. He said: “It’s brilliant that npower has been recognised as ‘The Consumer Supplier of the Year’. We are particularly proud of the accolade because we were nominated by our own industrial and commercial business customers, and we’d like to thank them for their support.”

David continued: “Offering our customers the best service is at the forefront of everything npower does and we strive to give businesses flexibility in how they buy their energy and to work in partnership with them to meet their energy needs.

“The judges also highlighted our Optimisation Desk as a key element of winning the award. This unique service allows our customers to access market developments, price analysis, trading information and updates and gives them a clear understanding of their position to help them to make more informed purchasing decisions.”

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npower Announces The Big Turn On

npower has revealed that Tuesday 14 September is officially the day of The Big Turn On; when the majority of Brits awaken their heating from its summer slumber.

Statistics from npower hometeam, which installs, services and repairs boilers, show that Tuesday 14 September is the day when boilers across the country will whir back into action.

It’s easy to forget about boilers during the Great British Summer in all its varied and inconsistent glory, but as Brits make the move and flick that switch, npower hometeam reveals that it experienced a significant increase in calls regarding broken boilers in 2008 and 2009 and is expecting a similar rise this September 14th.

Richard Cotton, head of sales for npower hometeam, commented: “The unpredictability of British weather often leaves us tempted to reach for the heating in the first few weeks of September. But many homeowners don’t consider that their heating system has been dormant for some time after a hard winter’s work that lasted well into the start of the year.

“Having your boiler annually serviced should play an essential part in every household’s preparations for the colder months. It’s vital to make sure your boiler is in good working order and fix any problems early in the season, before the weather take a turn for the worst and you are relying on your heating system on a daily basis.”

npower hometeam is also keen to stress the importance of having boilers attended to by a qualified engineer after discovering the worrying trend of homeowners attempting to fix broken boilers themselves. While this may seem like the easiest solution, particularly if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, there can be financial and health and safety implications to DIY boiler maintenance.

Richard continued: “Attempts to service or repair a boiler should only be carried out by a qualified engineer as doing so yourself could lead to further damage and even carbon monoxide leaks. Homeowners looking to save money should steer away from DIY boiler maintenance and instead take advantage of our annual boiler care service, hometeam 50, which offers a guaranteed 50% No Call Out Cash Back after 12 months.

power, and the renewables sector in general.”

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Wind Turbine Manufacturer Gaia-Wind Welcome The News Of Scottishpower Renewables Wind Farm Expansion

Following news that Scotland are half way to achieving their 2020 climate target, with a 20% drop in carbon emissions since 1990, the announcement of a major expansion to the Whitelee wind farm south of Glasgow provides a reaffirmation of the importance of onshore wind power to Scotland’ s development.

In 2008, Whitelee wind farm on Eaglesham Moor began producing electricity. Currently, the 140 turbines in situ are capable of providing enough energy to power 180,000 homes. With the planned expansion, the power generation of the site will increase from 322MW to a staggering 539MW – enough to power 300,000 homes.

World leading small and domestic turbine manufacturers Gaia-Wind view this development as a highly positive step toward the consolidation and continued progress of the Scottish contribution to a global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A Gaia-Wind spokesperson, commenting on Scotland’s latest commitment to renewable energy said that:

“Any onshore wind developments are good news, and with the recent milestone reached in the Scottish climate change agenda, the extension at Whitelee is a further indication of the dedication of the Scottish authorities to producing renewable energy through wind power for a greater proportion of the population.”

Whilst Whitelee exists in its present state as the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, the proposed expansion will elevate the site to one of the largest in the world. Commenting on the monumental nature of the project, UK Director of ScottishPower Renewables, Simon Christian, explained that:

“By itself at 217MW (the expected increase in power generation), the extension would be one of the largest onshore wind farms in the UK, so we are starting another major construction project in Scotland.”

This major project is the latest instance of Scotland’s rigorous and innovatory approach to renewable energy production.

With almost 25% of Scotland’s electricity demand supplied by renewables throughout 2008, it is evident that the Scottish renewable energy sector is playing a leading role in the campaign to reduce emissions. A significant degree of investment from government, businesses, the industry and individual investors has enabled the delivery of vastly reduced carbon emission levels.

Continued investment is a highly significant factor in the field of renewable energy. A spokesperson from Gaia-Wind has in fact commented on the need for “governmental stability in policy making for the continued investment in wind power, and the renewables sector in general.”

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npower Reveals Billericay Is Home To Britain’s Oldest Boiler

npower hometeam’s nationwide search for Britain’s oldest boiler has come to an end with Colin Sadler from Billericay being revealed as the owner of the oldest boiler in the country.

While the floppy disk, the video cassette and Bananarama have all been and gone, Colin Sadler’s boiler has been quietly ticking along at his home in Essex since 1968 and is still going strong.

Colin had never given his boiler a second thought, until his wife Sue read in his local paper that npower hometeam was on the search for Britain’s oldest system. It was then that he thought his old Crane Caviller boiler, that has been in his home since him and his wife moved in 28 years ago, may stand a chance.

Since the Government’s boiler scrappage scheme launched in January, npower hometeam, which installs, services and repairs boilers, has overseen the replacement of hundreds of old, inefficient boilers across the country. Inspired by these discoveries, the company launched a nationwide hunt to find the oldest boiler and, out of over 100 entries, Colin’s system was confirmed as the oldest.

He will now receive £3,000 towards a new A-rated energy efficient boiler and installation.

Colin commented: “When my wife and I moved into our home in 1982, the seller warned us the boiler was quite old, but we decided to keep it as it was in good working order. It wasn’t until an engineer recently told us he was reticent to service it because it was so old that we thought it might be about time to have a new one.

“That said, when I entered it into the competition I certainly didn’t think it would be the oldest one they’d find. It’s done us proud for many years, but we’re looking forward to get a new energy efficient boiler, as I think this one has earned its retirement.”

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