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Local Museum Gets Juiced Up With Help From npower

Staff from npower and Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery are celebrating the installation of a new £300,000 biomass boiler; replacing the museums two old, inefficient, oil fired boilers, which had come to the end of their useful life after 20 years of service.

The new biomass boiler is expected to give the museum at least 30 more years of heat and power, as well as saving energy and money.

The new boiler has been jointly financed by the npower Juice fund and Doncaster Council with npower financing over two-thirds of the overall cost. The project has been managed throughout by Doncaster MBC Construction Services Team.

Since the npower Juice fund was launched in 2001, it has raised more than £2 million and the money has helped to support renewable energy and community based projects all over the country. The Juice fund also helped three other community based projects over the summer holidays by installing renewable technologies which include solar panels and another biomass boiler.

To help with the celebrations, npower has invited Woodfield Primary School to the museum for a Climate Cops Academy day and a mini energy treasure hunt. Installing the new biomass boiler will help keep the museum warm and safe for many years, keeping Doncaster’s treasures safe for generations to come.

Councillor Cynthia Ransome, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Of the two boilers that were in the museum, one had broken and the other was beyond the end of its economic life, so we are delighted with our new biomass boiler.

“It will help keep the museum powered for many more years to come and enable future generations to enjoy its fantastic exhibitions in warm and comfortable surroundings.”

Matthew Cole, npower’s Project Manager, added: “It’s fantastic that we were able to help Doncaster Museum as it’s a real asset to the community here. Not only will it enable the museum to stay open for at least another 30 years, but it will also save them money.”

Rosie Winterton, MP for Doncaster Central said: “It’s fantastic to see Doncaster Museum, npower and the council working together on this project. The new energy-saving measures will provide the museum with years of heat and power using renewable energy.”

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RWE npower announces opening of Pembroke Power Station

RWE npower has announced that its 2000MW flagship power station in Pembroke is now fully commercially available. RWE now operates the largest and most efficient gas-fired power station fleet, as well as the largest renewable energy portfolio, in Britain

A group of officials and industry leaders joined John Hayes MP, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Peter Terium, Chief Executive Officer, RWE AG,and Stephen Crabb MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales to open the new Pembroke Power Station at a ceremony at the site.

The £1 billion state-of-the-art station is one of Europe’s largest and most efficient combined cycle gas turbine plants. At 2000MW, it will have an important role to play in the UK’s energy supply, able to respond quickly to the market to provide a highly flexible and reliable source of energy to over 3.5 million households.

Volker Beckers, Group Chief Executive Officer, RWE npower, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Pembroke Power Station into our portfolio of operational plants. This addition means RWE npower now has the largest and most efficient gas portfolio as well as the largest fleet of renewable energy technologies in the country.”

Minister of State for Energy, John Hayes MP, said: “The opening of Pembroke Power Station is great news for our energy security.

“Every new power station built is a real strategic asset for our economy. This billion-pound investment will play a vital role in our energy mix, providing a flexible, reliable energy supply for homes and businesses across the country.”

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb said: “As a Pembrokeshire resident and MP, I have been fortunate enough to see first-hand how the strong collaboration of RWE npower, local businesses and the wider community has led us to where we are today. I am delighted to be here to see all that hard work come to fruition.

“Apart from the long-term jobs this state-of-the-art facility will create, it will also play a significant role in promoting the wider economic development of the local community – and Wales as a whole – for generations to come.

“With the ever-increasing demand for energy production, the UK needs new sources of power generation. I have no doubt that this facility will play a vital role in maintaining the UK’s energy supplies for the future and make its own contribution to creating economic prosperity for Wales.”

Control of the final unit of Pembroke was handed over to the station team last week, marking the end of over three years of construction, in which over 10,000 contractors worked 7.4 million man hours to complete the state-of-the-art facility. The opening ceremony was also a chance to thank all of the people have been involved in the successful construction of the plant for their commitment and hard work.

RWE has invested over £1 billion a year into the UK over the past few years. As well as the £1 billion Pembroke station and the £650 million gas-fired Staythorpe power station which opened last year, RWE is also the UK’s leading investor in renewable technologies, with more installed renewable capacity and more investment than any other major energy company in the past five years.

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npower Reveals iPod Generation Makes Up 40% Of All UK Volunteers

Npower has released new research which reveals 18-24 year olds are the most likely age group to give up their free time to help in their community with 85% willing to commit time to voluntary projects.

The study of 2,000 people, carried out by one of Britain’s leading energy providers, npower, shows that the iPod generation is holding up David Cameron’s vision for the Big Society, as 40% of people in this age group say they have volunteered recently compared to just one in six older adults. 41% of Brits who claim to have volunteered did so when they were under 24.

The research reveals Britain’s youth are charity champions with half of all 18-24 year olds saying that everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime, compared to just 38% of other ages. Putting their elders to shame, 42% of over 55s, the age group most associated with voluntary work, have never volunteered.

Despite a perceived desire to help, with 60% of all Brits saying that volunteering is important, more than one in four people aged 25-65 say they have no interest in volunteering.

This lack of action is perhaps not surprising as more than half (56%) of those questioned think people in full time employment have busier lives than those of previous generations. A staggering 60% of Brits say work commitments, their employer, or lack of time, is preventing them from getting involved in their community, whilst a third (36%) are holding off until they retire.

Bev Frain from UK volunteering charity, CSV, explained: “npower’s survey highlights that Britain’s youth are not worthy of their bad reputation and actually need to be applauded for the work they are doing. However, the research also highlights a gap in Britain’s voluntary sector, where people of working age haven’t volunteered since they were younger, citing ‘lack of time’ as the main obstacle for not getting involved.

“There is a significant appetite for volunteering in the UK and that’s why it’s important that businesses like npower encourage volunteering through the workplace and get other age groups involved. In fact, grouping together with colleagues can be the easiest way to make a big difference without committing a huge amount of time.

“Spending just one day a year supporting a local community group, or half an hour a week mentoring young people or helping primary school children improve their literacy and numeracy skills makes a huge difference to the lives of others without taking up too much time. There’s a tremendous reservoir of skill, talent and energy out there, and we want to empower people and businesses to maximise these skills to help others.”

A survey of npower volunteers in 2011 revealed that 96% of those who had taken part said they felt they had made a difference and 83% felt more positive about working for the company. Meanwhile, 74% said they’d feel more motivated at work in the future.

For more about volunteering, visit www.csv.org.uk

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npower’s Burntwood Office Powered By The Sun

npower’s Burntwood office is reaping the rewards of installing renewable energy technologies, saving hundreds of pounds on its energy bills and significantly reducing its carbon emissions.

Based on the Burntwood Business Park in Cannock Chase, npower’s three-storey office is home to 100 employees. With 196 light fittings, 96 computers and six printers in constant use throughout the day, the building uses a lot of energy.

npower installed 54 solar photovoltaic panels 18 months ago onto the south-facing roof of the building. The system generates 11 Kwh of electricity and offsets more than six tonnes of carbon each year. Being able to use electricity as it is generated onsite has already saved more than £1500 on energy bills.

The solar panels generate all the electricity needed, and the building owners, J.E. Dillon Properties, also receive Feed-in-Tariff payments from the government. Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) offer landlords or residents who have had solar panels installed payment for every unit of electricity generated, regardless of whether it is used onsite or not. If the electricity is not used, it can be exported back to the grid generating additional payment*.

Helen Booker, solar expert for npower, commented: “The npower office in Burntwood is perfectly suited to solar panels, as it has a large south-facing roof which is not shadowed by larger buildings nearby. Also, because it is in constant use throughout the day, all the electricity generated can be used onsite, making the system incredibly efficient.

“We were really pleased that our landlord decided to install solar PV panels on npower’s offices. Now, 18 months on, not only are we benefitting from significant money and carbon savings, but we can lead by example and show how successful the technology is in action.

“Clearly, businesses have an important role to play in helping the government meet its carbon reduction targets and using renewable energy technology such as solar PV is a positive step towards this.”

Mr Dillon from J.E. Dillon Properties explained: “We chose to install solar panels on the Burntwood site to benefit both npower, as our existing tenants, and also future tenants. Businesses are looking for premises which allow them to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs while providing a visual sign of their commitment to a low carbon future.”

npower’s website includes guidance for businesses on solar PV installations. Anyone interested can also speak to one of npower’s dedicated solar experts by calling 0845 600 2039.

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npower Donation Helps Ensure Local Youth Group’s Outboard Bound Course Goes Ahead

The youngsters from Oldfallings Youth Group were delighted to learn that their annual residential visit to the Camas Centre, on the Isle of Mull, was still going ahead, despite initial promises of funding having fallen through. Youth helper, Andy Brown (24), who lives in Oldfallings, decided to ask his employer, npower, to help out.

Around 14 youngsters were scheduled to go on the week-long trip and had been looking forward to it for some time. Andy explained: “We stay in an old fishing hut without distractions like mobile phones and TV; there is no electricity or gas and we all find out how easy it is to get along and the pleasure of being outdoors in such beautiful countryside.

“The withdrawal of funding was a huge blow to us and put the group’s finances into a precarious position. I applied for a donation from npower’s Community Volunteer Award programme and the cheque for £500 recently came through. The news was welcome relief for us all.”

The members of the youth group, who are all aged 13 to 18, take part in outward bound activities including walking, sailing and fishing. Andy, a former member, started to help the group leader, Richard Lockley, six years ago, volunteering to run activities for the youngsters at the club’s weekly Sunday evening meeting.

Michelle Barron, npower’s Charity and Volunteering officer, said the financial support is in recognition of Andy’s commitment to his youth group: “This award has meant the youngsters from Oldfallings Youth Group could enjoy their planned visit and reduce the financial burden on their leaders. We have several employees, like Andy, who give their time to help others and we are delighted to be able to support their contribution to their communities.”

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npower Reports Medium-Sized Businesses Losing Out On Energy Savings Due To Lack Of Expertise

npower research has revealed that medium-sized businesses in the UK are missing out on significant energy savings each year by not having trained staff in placed to procure energy.

Only 4% of medium-sized businesses in the UK have a dedicated energy specialist, despite the average business spending over £180,000 on energy per annum. Of those businesses with an energy specialist, nine in ten (88%) say the introduction of the role has saved their organisation money.

The npower ‘Energy Matters’ report surveyed over 200 people responsible for energy procurement – including finance, procurement and office managers – in medium-sized businesses to assess how energy buying is managed and whether it is valued within the business. The report examined what impact having a dedicated energy specialist has on a business.

npower’s research found that just one fifth (21%) of businesses have a formalised energy strategy and over three quarters (81%) of those responsible for procuring energy say they spend more time on administrative duties than procurement.

Wayne Mitchell, industrial and commercial markets director, npower, commented: “We undertook this research into medium-sized businesses to further understand their needs when it comes to energy, following recent CBI and government campaigns to offer greater support to this sector.

“The research found that the person responsible for buying energy can have a significant impact on a business’ revenue yet the importance of this role is undervalued across the UK. Businesses are missing a trick when it comes to having a positive impact on the bottom line by not positioning energy as a board level concern and having a strategy in place to manage its procurement. This is despite findings from our previous research which showed that medium-sized businesses rank energy as the second highest business risk they face, above cash flow, legislation and security.”

The ‘Energy Matters’ research also showed that more than half (57%) felt that energy purchasing is not a valued role within their organisation and fewer than one in 10 (7%) has received any kind of formal energy procurement training. As a result, over a quarter (27%) of respondents have remained on the same contract because they haven’t had time to review it and one in five (19%) said they don’t have the expertise to switch contracts.

In those businesses that do have a dedicated energy specialist the picture was very different. As well as saving their businesses’ money, it was in this role that the most amount of time spent was spent on energy purchasing, the presence of a formalised energy strategy was highest and the value placed on the role by the business was felt to be above average.

Wayne Mitchell continued: “With office managers and not energy specialists accounting for the majority of those responsible for energy procurement in medium-sized businesses it is easy to understand why the role can be undervalued, as these people will be juggling a wide variety of tasks to keep the business afloat. Through better managing energy procurement, costs can be kept to a minimum by ensuring energy is purchased at the correct times, namely avoiding peaks in the market, and with a little knowledge businesses can take control of this themselves. Anyone wanting to find out how should source this advice from their supplier and act now to start saving.”

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npower Employees Prepare To Run For Charity

npower employees in Solihull have been limbering up as they prepare to pound the pavements for charity.

More than 110 employees from npower’s offices in Solihull will be undertaking a ten kilometre run to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. They’ll be racing against each other to try and reach their fundraising target of £4,000. The race will start at Tudor Grange Park and participants will make their way around the surrounding area.

Ruth Worton, Charity Manager at npower, said: “This is the first time that we’ve organised a run for Macmillan in Solihull and it’s great to see so many people signed up to take part. Whatever their ability, everyone has been training really hard in the run-up to the event. Macmillan is a charity close to many of our hearts and we can’t wait to get out on the track and start raising money for such a good cause.”

Over the last eight years, npower’s partnership with Macmillan has reached more than £5 million. This has been achieved through large scale fundraising events and through individual efforts from staff who have run marathons and climbed mountains. This year there will be a number of 10K runs and charity walks taking places at npower offices throughout the UK.

Ruth continued: “We’re proud to have such a long term partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, which is valued at more than £5 million. It’s a cause that is close to home for many of our employees and this event is another example of their passion to make a difference and help people affected by cancer.

“I’d like to wish everyone taking part good luck and thank them for their enthusiasm and support for the fantastic work that Macmillan does.”

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RWE npower Energy Challenge won by Birmingham undergraduates

A team of undergraduates from the University of Birmingham has won the prestigious RWE npower Energy Challenge by coming up with an innovative energy solution for future generations.

RWE npower Energy Challenge is an international competition which tasks students with devising a solution to the biggest challenge facing the energy sector: “How can an energy company respond to climate change, maintain a secure supply and more importantly ensure that energy bills are affordable?”

The Birmingham-based team, calling themselves Green Grid Consultancy, won the competition for their innovative idea to use a hybrid wind and wave generator. The project involved combining two forms of generation at the same site, this could reduce operating costs, improved power output and has no carbon emissions. Each member of the winning team was awarded £1,250, and £5,000 for Birmingham University.

The RWE npower Energy Challenge has been running for five years. With hundreds of students across the UK taking part, this year the competition had an international feel with two teams from Eindhoven University in Holland making the final.

Ayekame Tseja, captain of Birmingham’s Green Grid Consultancy team said: “We’re thrilled to be winners of the RWE npower Energy Challenge, and that our ideas stood out against such a strong field of competitors. Taking part in a competition that’s challenged us on such an important topic has been a great experience, and we’re thrilled that our hard work has paid off.”

The judges, comprising of senior board members from RWE npower including Volker Beckers, CEO of RWE npower were impressed with the unique nature of the team’s solutions.

Volker said: “The Green Grid Consultancy presentation was excellent and stood out due to the original way the team tackled the challenge of cutting emissions, whilst ensuring clean energy provision for the future. We’d like to congratulate them on winning the competition.”

“Among the goals of the Energy Challenge is encouraging and rewarding young people studying engineering and science, and attracting new students to these important topics. We’ve been impressed with all the entries to this year’s challenge, but special congratulations must go to our winners.”

Recent research from the Science for Careers Expert Group report has indicated that there could be a major shortage in science-skilled workers in the UK workforce, with a shortfall of 324,000 workers with the relevant skills by 2014. npower believes competitions like the Energy Challenge can play an important role in helping science undergraduates into industrial jobs and filling this skills gap.

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npower Employee Organises Fundraising Music Extravaganza

npower employee Lee Judge is organising Judgestock 2012, an annual, one day musical extravaganza that will feature students from the George Salter Academy Saturday School and out-of-hours performing arts playing with professional bands and musicians at The Public in West Bromwich on July 7.

Rus Smith, Extended Schools Manager, has around 200 youngsters taking part in music and performing arts activities every Saturday and is hoping that around 150 of them will be helping make the annual fund raising music festival, in tribute to local man, Simon Turton, who lost his battle with brain cancer last year, when he was just 36 years old.

Lee Judge is hoping around 2,000 visitors will come to this year’s event, helping raise more than £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. In 2011 the Collections Specialist, at npower’s offices in Kingswinford, dedicated the day to his best mate, Simon; the two friends had grown up together in West Bromwich.

Lee said: “When Rus approached me I thought it was a brilliant idea. Already we have nearly 30 bands lined up for the day from metal through soul to tribute bands; giving talented local youngsters a chance to play in a proper music event with professional bands would give them valuable experience for their future. Linking with the school is going to add a new dimension to the charity fundraiser.”

Rus is delighted with the work experience opportunity, saying: “The students are excited at the thought of being able to showcase their talents to a wider-than-usual audience. We hope to have three or four dance acts and a similar number of music acts plus two drama groups as entertainers on the day and there will be students helping with programme design and shadowing the organisers to gain experience of how a professional event is staged.”

The Public has donated its venue for free and Lee’s employer, npower, has said it will match funds up to £1,000. There will activities for kids during the afternoon including Punch and Judy, a bouncy castle and face painting. Fifteen market stalls have already signed up for visitors looking for a little retail therapy.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the Public box office with under-12s admitted free. Students of George Salter can get their tickets direct from Mr Smith.

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npower’s Hull Call Centre Gets Set To Go The Extra Mile For Sport Relief

npower’s Bridge House call centre in Hull is proud to announce its support for Sport Relief 2012. On Friday 23 March, Sport Relief hits the airwaves with a fantastic night of TV and, as the selected regional call centre for the night, 145 members of npower staff will be volunteering to receive donation calls.

npower is dedicating 70 phone lines to taking calls, with staff from all over the business coming in to lend a hand, including npower’s Managing Director of Customer Markets, Giuseppe Di Vita. As well as receiving donations, the team will also be fundraising on the night with various activities taking place. All money raised on site will be added to the £5,000 donation already pledged by npower to Sport Relief.

Kevin McCullough, npower’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “I’m really proud of our people at Bridge House who are giving up their own time to support this great cause. We have over 140 volunteers, which is a great result and really demonstrates the commitment of our people to supporting important charities like this. Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. Well done to everyone involved.”

Joel Chapman, Executive Relations Manager at npower’s Bridge House office, said:
“It’s been a busy few weeks preparing for the big night on Friday, from making sure the phone lines are all ready, to arranging refreshments to keep our volunteers going. It’s been a great example of how well our people come together to support such worthy causes, and I’m really proud to be involved.”

In 2010 over 90 call centres, staffed by a phenomenal 6340 charitable volunteers, supported the Sport Relief campaign, helping to raise a mind blowing £44 million. This year, Sport Relief is warming up for another huge night of fundraising with the help of the incredible team from npower’s Bridge House office.

As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. All the money raised by the public helps people living unimaginably tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries. From the Friday of fundraising fun right through to the Sport Relief Mile on Sunday 25 March it promises to be a brilliant weekend. For more information or to find and enter your nearest mile go to sportrelief.com.

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npower Enthuse day comes to Didcot

npower recently visited students from St Birinus School, Didcot, sparking their interest in engineering by taking part in a npower Enthuse day.

Four volunteers from Didcot power stations joined 230, Year 9 students at the Enthuse day. The programme is designed to inspire and engage students aged 12-14 years old in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through a range of interactive activities which help them think about the impact science and engineering has on their daily lives.

The students were encouraged to think of ways to improve an existing electricity generation idea and product, or to design a completely new concept. They also took part in a series of hands-on activities, helping them to develop their engineering and science related skills and discussed the problem of how the country can meet and reduce the UK’s future demand for energy.

Enthuse, which is part of the npower’s Brighter Futures Programme, aims to inspire young people from their first day at school to their first day at work. This is achieved by helping them to develop their skills and knowledge to make their own choices and empowering them to achieve their vision of a ‘brighter future’ for themselves and for the environment.

Jim Haggan, Didcot A Power Station Manager, said: “I think Enthuse days are very important. It’s our opportunity to give young people an insight into the energy industry and highlight opportunities available. I hope we have inspired some of the students to really consider this industry as a career option for the future.”

Head teacher, Mr Alwyn Richards from St Birinus School, Didcot added: “The variety of activities gave the students an excellent insight into the diversity and challenges which might face an engineer. It was wonderful to see how students of all abilities were engaged in the activities offered. The staff and students would like to thank the people from Enthuse and npower for their enthusiasm and hard work.”

Since the start of the Enthuse programme in 2007, the educational experience has reached out to over 7,100 students across the UK.

To find out more about npower’s education programme and free resources for schools and community groups, visit www.npower.com/education.

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npower Enthuse Day At Fawley Power Station Sparks Interest In Engineering

Students from Hardley School and Sixth Form in Holbury, Southampton sparked their interest in engineering taking part in an npower Enthuse day.

Five engineers from Fawley Power Station joined 115, Year 9 students at the Enthuse day. The programme is designed to inspire and engage students aged 12-14 years old in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a range of interactive activities designed to help them think about the impact science and engineering has on their daily lives.

The students were encouraged to think of ways to improve an existing electricity generation idea and product, or to design a completely new concept. They also took part in a series of hands-on activities, helping them to develop their engineering and science related skills and discussed the problem of how the country can meet and reduce the UK’s future demand for energy.

Enthuse, which is part of the npower’s Brighter Futures Programme, aims to inspire young people from their first day at school to their first day at work. This is achieved by helping them to develop their skills and knowledge to make their own choices and empowering them to achieve their vision of a ‘brighter future’ for themselves and for the environment.

Nick Stockdale, Fawley Power Station Manager said: “I think Enthuse days are very important – it’s our opportunity to give young people an insight into the energy industry and highlight opportunities available. I hope we have inspired some of today’s students to really consider this industry as a career option for the future.”

Thomas Ward, a pupil at Hardley School and Sixth Form said: “I really enjoyed all the activities, especially making catapults. I learnt a lot about which careers are involved with science and engineering. This day has really made me think about my future and different career opportunities.”

Head teacher Andy Dyer from Hardley School and Sixth Form added: “The variety of activities gave the students an excellent insight into the diversity and challenges which might face an engineer. It was wonderful to see how students of all abilities were engaged in the activities offered. The staff and students would like to thank the people from Enthuse and npower for their enthusiasm and hard work.”

Since the start of the Enthuse programme in 2007, the educational experience has reached out to over 7,100 students across the UK.

To find out more about npower’s education programme and free resources for schools and community groups, visit www.npower.com/education.

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RWE npower Renewables Receives Green Light For Clean Energy

RWE npower renewables, one of the leading UK wind energy companies, has been granted planning permission to build a twelve-turbine wind farm located between the villages of Bozeat, Harrold and Lavendon.

Nun Wood Wind Farm was the subject of a thorough and rigorous public inquiry, held before a Government appointed Planning Inspector. The public inquiry, which concluded in October 2011, was open to all local residents and businesses.

Matt Pinfield, Regional Manager for Eastern England at RWE npower renewables said: “We are delighted with the Planning Inspector’s consent for Nun Wood Wind Farm. It is a superb location for a wind farm – well designed and appropriately sited and will generate enough energy to meet the annual average needs of thousands of homes each year. The Nun Wood Wind Farm will make a substantial contribution to clean energy supply and the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses.”

In his written report the Planning Inspector stated: “The degree of harm in landscape and visual amenity is limited. In my judgement the harm is outweighed by the urgent need for renewable energy as promoted in national and regional policies and the wider environmental and economic benefits that it would bring over a 25 year period.”

As well as Nun Wood Wind Farm generating enough electricity to meet the annual average needs of between approximately 13,700 and 15,6001 homes each year, the local community could receive a windfall of at least £540,000 over the lifetime of the wind farm.

This funding would provide a valuable long term source of income for the local community. It is flexible funding that can address what is really important to communities and has the potential to fund large and small projects as well as capital and revenue activities. The annual funding of £1,000 per megawatt (MW) per year would become available when the wind farm is operational and local people can be involved in deciding how it is distributed.

Matt Pinfield added: “We have consulted with the local community during the planning and development of this wind farm and as a responsible developer we will continue to work with the community throughout the next stages of the project as the wind farm is constructed. We will be providing detailed construction and traffic management plans to Milton Keynes Council, Bedford Borough Council and the Borough Council of Wellingborough which will also be available for public consultation.”

Construction of the wind farm presents opportunities for local economic benefit and employment. Whilst current legislation and competitive tender process for each part of the works is followed, it is normal to expect that local suppliers and contractors with appropriate skills will be well placed to tender for contracts.

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npower Contracted To Work On New Oxford Brookes Student Accommodation

Leading energy supplier, npower, has been appointed to complete the mechanical and electrical installations for two new accommodation blocks at Oxford Brookes University.

Consisting of 318 bedrooms, the new residences will be home to some of the 18,000 students currently enrolled at Oxford Brookes, which is one of the highest-rated modern universities in the UK. The new accommodation is part of wider redevelopment project to provide high-quality living and learning facilities to students.

The new residences will contain modern building systems for safety and security, as well as technology to aid energy efficiency and maintain optimum living conditions. Using specifications from Oxford Brookes’ M&E consultants, Couch Perry & Wilkes, npower has been tasked with designing, building and installing all the mechanical and electrical systems, including heating, lighting, power, water, data, plumbing, sanitary, fire and security systems and access control.

Work began on site in August, with 18 members of the npower team delivering the work. The project is scheduled for completion in March 2012.

As a new building, maximising energy efficiency and keeping energy costs down will be key to the project and so npower will begin by installing a CHP plant within the Energy Centre in the building. This on-site self generation technology will help to meet industry-wide green credentials while also reducing energy usage by providing usable heat as a by-product of electricity generation.

Other innovative energy-saving technology to be implemented includes passive infrared (PIR) radiators, which are motion-activated and so can be automatically switched on and off when a room is occupied or vacated. The accommodation blocks will also be home to a ‘green roof’ made of grass and small plants. These roofs can provide both thermal and sound insulation, and also have an extended lifespan compared to traditional roofs due to the vegetation absorbing water and protecting the waterproofing membranes below.

David Molde, senior contracts manager at npower, commented: “After completing a successful refurbishment project at Aston University in 2010, npower has the necessary expertise and experience to deliver the mechanical and electrical installations for the project here at Oxford Brookes. Fundamental to the development is improved access, security, safety, and facilities for the students so working with the University and its consultants allows us to work with the end users’ needs front of mind.”

The 318 bedrooms across the two accommodation blocks are en-suite, with students able to choose between studio apartments or cluster flats with communal kitchens. The new accommodation blocks will be home to students from July 2012.

For more information, please visit www.npower.com/corporate.

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npower Urges Public To Act Quickly For Solar Savings

The 24th – 28th October sees the return of Energy Saving Week, and this year’s focus is on the different technologies and techniques that Brits can employ to help reduce their energy bills.

With each day of the week playing host to a different theme, Tuesday 26th October will be dedicated to Microgeneration, or renewable energy technologies; a topic that npower, the UK’s leading utility provider of solar technology, knows a lot about.

With speculation rife that the Feed-in-Tariffs (FITS) associated with solar power may be reduced as of April 2012, npower is urging any homeowners thinking about going green to act quickly in order to take advantage of the best possible rates.

Environmentally friendly and cost efficient solar PV (photovoltaic) panels are available from £7,350. What’s more, customers who sign up for the system are eligible to reap the rewards of FITs, which essentially pay homeowners for the energy they produce.

Launched in the UK on 1 April 2010, FITs offer homeowners who have had solar PV panels installed, using products and installers accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), 25 years payment for all the clean electricity they produce. This is regardless of whether they use it or export it back to the grid.

Homeowners are paid 43.3p for every unit of electricity they generate, but can also be paid 3.1p for any electricity they don’t use if they choose to sell it back to the grid. Combine this with the savings made on electricity bills, and the average annual FITs income, and savings could be around £1,100 a year for an average 2.7kWp system.*

Helen Booker, solar expert for npower, commented: “Solar PV uses energy from the sun to create electricity to run appliances and lighting in the home. This form of solar technology requires only daylight to operate, so it will still work even on a typically cloudy day in the UK.

“This increasingly popular option uses renewable energy, resulting in zero carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases. Solar PV users could find themselves dramatically reducing their carbon footprint and saving up to almost 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 30 year period.

“If the government goes ahead with the reduction of the FITs rates as planned, it would mean that those taking up the scheme in April 2012 will not receive as much money for their energy as those who signed up prior to the changes, so it really is important to start thinking about installing solar technology sooner rather than later.

“To mark Energy Saving Week, we are encouraging the nation to think about the amount of energy that they use, and urge them to consider greener alternatives such as solar PV.”

npower has a dedicated team working with homeowners to plan, fund and install solar panels and then buy back the energy they generate.

Solar PV can be installed on any home with a roof, wall or free ground area that faces within 90 degrees south, providing that it is not overshadowed by trees or surrounding buildings as shade will decrease how effective the panels are and therefore the energy generated.

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Npower Wins Best In Sector For Its Call Centres In The North East And Around The UK

Npower has announced success for its North East contact centre workers when the energy company’s call centre was named one of the top 50 in the UK.

Awarded top spot in the prestigious ‘best in sector’ class for utilities and the silver medal position in the ‘large contact centre’ category, overall npower was awarded 21st spot in the league of 50.

Julie Jaglowski, customer services director at npower, said: “This is a really proud moment for everyone who works in our contact centres. It’s external recognition of what we already know: that we are dedicated and passionate about helping our customers and making sure that they experience a first class service.

“It’s testament to the hard work that everyone puts in. This year we’ve worked really hard on continuing to improve our service and keeping our focus as we strive for a five-star service. This reward shows that it’s paying off.

“Everyone in our team should feel very proud of this award. Whether it’s battling through harsh winters or re-training on our new Atlas systems – our teams have remained committed to serving our customers with outstanding commitment. Well done to everyone – it’s a great achievement”.

The award culminated in three months of mystery shopping carried out by independent researchers, measuring npower against a range of criteria including: knowledge; personalisation; professionalism and timeliness.

The calls reflected all types of enquires at various times of the day – including customer account queries and those wanting to know more about the products and services.

Collecting the award on behalf of npower, Chris Rainsforth, quality manager said: “I was really honoured to collect the award on behalf of everyone who has worked so hard over the last 12 months.

“I shall be bringing the award back very carefully this afternoon – and promise not to leave it on the train.”

Kevin McCullough, npower’s chief operating officer, added: “This is superb news – and well deserved. As part of my Undercover Boss filming just a few weeks’ ago, I experienced first-hand just how challenging working in a contact centre can be, so I am full of admiration for the great work that the teams have achieved.

“Customer Service remains a priority and this award has given us the recognition of the great customer experience we’re striving to achieve. Well done to everyone involved”.

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Npower Employee Attempts To Reclaim The Recumbent Cup

Rob Webb did not take losing the Recumbent Cup, a couple of years ago, lying down. He got back on his bike, determined to reclaim it following completion of his latest ride, the world’s longest and oldest long-distance cycle race, the Paris – Brest – Paris.

The intranet manager at npower’s offices in Worcester, Rob (48) started his training back in January, with the intention of reclaiming his old record. The Recumbent Cup is awarded by Audax UK (AUK) to the rider of a recumbent bike who gains the most points during a season.

Long-distance rides are called Audax rides, from the Latin word for ‘audacious’. Audax UK organises and validates rides and is affiliated to the governing body, the ACP (Audax Club Parisienne) in France. The shortest Audax ride is 200km (125 miles) for which two points are awarded (one point per 100km/62 miles cycled). Standard ride distances are 200km, 300km (185 miles), 400km (250 miles) and 600km (360 miles).

The Paris – Brest – Paris challenge, which pre-dates the Tour de France, involved more than 5,000 cyclists and covered 1,200km. Rob added another 1,000 km riding from Worcester to Paris and back. Riders have to complete the race within 90 hours. Rob took part in the PBP in 1999, completing it in 85 hours and again in 2003, when he knocked ten hours off his time.

However, it was well worth the pain and effort, as he explained: “The ride itself was very hard – even by PBP standards; weather conditions went from blazingly hot (you should see my suntan), to epic thunderstorms of biblical proportions, and really dense fog climbing the Roc Trévézal, the highest point in Brittany.

“The support of the local people was amazing. Thousands of people along the route cheered the riders on all day and all night, with many offering free food and drink and the essential top-ups for empty water bottles. On all long-distance and ultra-distance rides there are times when you are at a physical or mental low point and a cheery “bon courage” shouted as you pass a family, at the side of the road, in the middle of the night really helps lift the spirits.”

Rob’s vehicle of choice is a Bacchetta Giro 20, which he has spent both time and money modifying and upgrading, so that both he and the bike were prepared for this year’s challenge.

He has now reached 94 points (5828 miles), beating the current Recumbent Cup holder by twelve points. When Rob last held the title he had 72 points, meaning he will have added a further 1,364 miles to his cycling total this season. But the title is not yet in the bag; Rob will have to wait until the end of the season to see whether he has beaten his rivals to the title.

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Wind Turbine Manufacturer Gaia-Wind Welcome The News Of Scottishpower Renewables Wind Farm Expansion

Following news that Scotland are half way to achieving their 2020 climate target, with a 20% drop in carbon emissions since 1990, the announcement of a major expansion to the Whitelee wind farm south of Glasgow provides a reaffirmation of the importance of onshore wind power to Scotland’ s development.

In 2008, Whitelee wind farm on Eaglesham Moor began producing electricity. Currently, the 140 turbines in situ are capable of providing enough energy to power 180,000 homes. With the planned expansion, the power generation of the site will increase from 322MW to a staggering 539MW – enough to power 300,000 homes.

World leading small and domestic turbine manufacturers Gaia-Wind view this development as a highly positive step toward the consolidation and continued progress of the Scottish contribution to a global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A Gaia-Wind spokesperson, commenting on Scotland’s latest commitment to renewable energy said that:

“Any onshore wind developments are good news, and with the recent milestone reached in the Scottish climate change agenda, the extension at Whitelee is a further indication of the dedication of the Scottish authorities to producing renewable energy through wind power for a greater proportion of the population.”

Whilst Whitelee exists in its present state as the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, the proposed expansion will elevate the site to one of the largest in the world. Commenting on the monumental nature of the project, UK Director of ScottishPower Renewables, Simon Christian, explained that:

“By itself at 217MW (the expected increase in power generation), the extension would be one of the largest onshore wind farms in the UK, so we are starting another major construction project in Scotland.”

This major project is the latest instance of Scotland’s rigorous and innovatory approach to renewable energy production.

With almost 25% of Scotland’s electricity demand supplied by renewables throughout 2008, it is evident that the Scottish renewable energy sector is playing a leading role in the campaign to reduce emissions. A significant degree of investment from government, businesses, the industry and individual investors has enabled the delivery of vastly reduced carbon emission levels.

Continued investment is a highly significant factor in the field of renewable energy. A spokesperson from Gaia-Wind has in fact commented on the need for “governmental stability in policy making for the continued investment in wind power, and the renewables sector in general.”

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Free Flow Power Acquires Remaining Interest in 10 Ohio Hydroelectric Development Projects

Free Flow Power (FFP) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the remaining assets of Clean River Power, LLC that it had not previously owned. Clean River Power is a run of the river hydroelectric project developer based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

FFPimage.jpg (258×381)

Free Flow Power’s acquisition includes 10 subsidiary LLCs which hold preliminary permits for conventional hydroelectric projects in southeastern Ohio; nine of the projects are located on the Muskingum River and one is on the Scioto River. The projects have a total nameplate capacity of approximately 40 MW and anticipated power production capacity of approximately 250,000 megawatt hours annually. Alan Skelly, Michael Skelly, Sr., and Tim Jones of Clean River Power have joined FFP’s, New Hydro – Project Development, management team.

Alan Skelly has 26 years of experience in private utility law and development, including as past Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Clean River Power. Michael Skelly, Sr. has 32 years experience in law, utility and energy project development including as past Treasurer of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Tim Jones has more than 20 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant with an international full-service accounting firm and as Chief Financial Officer / Controller of various construction and development companies.

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Consumers Get Latest Electrical News with Specialist Site Electric.co.uk

Any consumer who wants to keep informed of the latest news from the energy and electrical industries is now able to do so thanks to re-launched website Electric.co.uk. The website is home to all the latest news updates on all the important electricity issues and details on other energy and power sources.

The website is owned and managed by leading web business stable ASAP Ventures and offers consumers news on a manner of energy sectors. The site carries all the very latest news from the electricity industry as well as all sorts of useful tips and hints on ways of cutting domestic power usage and saving energy.

With more people than ever now keen to stay aware of news on energy sources, Electric.co.uk can help them to stay on top of electrical energy news as well as other sources such as wind power, solar power, biomass energy and other renewable powers. The website was introduced by ASAP Ventures a year ago and the company recently re-launched the site with more features to celebrate its first birthday.

Anthony Jackson, spokesperson for Electric.co.uk, comments, “We believe that more people than ever now want to stay informed of all the latest developments in the energy industry, as there are massive environmental and financial implications for people. Our site can help them to remain informed on the latest green and renewable energy resources and all manner of other electric issues.”

For further information please visit www.electric.co.uk

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