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npower Reveal Only One in Five Young Brits Can Tie a Knot and Half Can’t Climb Trees

npower has today unveiled research, showing that modern day youngsters are disconnected from the great outdoors, with many unable to build a camp fire (78%), put up a tent (79%) or even tie their shoe laces (45%). When asked if they cared about the environment, more than a third (37%) said no and, incredibly, half of those (52%) said that it’s because “in the future we’ll be able to live in space”.

The figures show that while young people are able to search for clips on YouTube (37%) they’d struggle to search for the local post office by reading a map (81%), and while they may be able to work a DVD player (67%), a huge 87% said they wouldn’t know how to repair a bicycle puncture.

The research indicates that today’s youths have lost their sense of adventure and lack skills which older generations take for granted. Nine out of ten youngsters (91%) are unable to recognise different types of butterfly and 43% cannot remember seeing the stars in the last month.

The lack of interest in the great outdoors is a worry for many parents, with more than seven in ten (77%) saying their child spends too much time watching TV or playing video games.

Survival expert and founder of Woodlore, Ray Mears, comments: “The latest figures are really shocking and I can’t believe our young people are so ill-equipped when it comes to practical skills.

“When I was growing up, I was told ‘You don’t need equipment, you need knowledge to survive in the wild’ and this is something that I truly believe. Simple skills like putting up a tent can teach you important lessons that can’t be learnt without doing them yourself. You learn how to work in a team and communicate with your peers; how to work under pressure and use logic and, most importantly, how to look after yourself and know your strengths.”

In response to these startling figures, npower will today announce the start of Climate Cops SOS, an educational programme which looks for Britain’s greenest young people by working with schools across the country. Working with survival expert Ray Mears, npower hopes to inject passion for the great outdoors back into the hearts of the nation’s youths. To enter the competition, they will have to devise and implement a group activity which celebrates adventure and encourages their fellow peers to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. 100 winning students will be treated with a trip to the Lake District where they will have a survival master class with Ray himself.

To enter npower’s Climate Cops SOS, children must be aged 11 to 13. Entries should come through their school and they will need to show that they have devised and implemented a group activity, which celebrates adventure and encourages their peers to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

For more information visit www.npower.com/climatecopssos

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Charles Hendry Joins Swindon School For npower Climate Cops Fun

Charles Hendry, Minister for Energy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Volker Beckers CEO RWE npower and Peter Terium RWE Group CEO joined pupils in Swindon for a Climate Cops Academy.

A group of 60 year 5 and 6 students from Tregoze Primary School years took part in npower’s environmental educational programme Climate Cops.

The Minister joined the students who were shown some simple ways to save energy in an exciting and engaging way. The interactive day included generating electricity with body movement, working with miniature examples of renewable energy sources and using thermal imaging cameras to see the effects of insulation.

Watching and participating in the activities, Charles Hendry commented: “This is a fantastic initiative, which will help young people learn more about where we get our energy from and what that means for the planet.

“I have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the children here today. I am sure that they will take what they have learned away with them and make a big difference to their school and homes.”

Volker Beckers, CEO of RWE npower said: “We are proud of our Climate Cops programme and believe it’s essential to get young people involved and inspired about energy efficiency. Energy is the lifeblood of our society, and a greater understanding of this brings with it respect for generations to come.”

Over 5,000 children have already taken part in Climate Cops Academies in 2011 and the programme has reached 43,000 students since it began in November 2007.

The Climate Cops programme visits schools across the UK in a bid to help them become greener. Working with local councils, npower provides schools with free energy audits and recommendations to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

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npower Teams Up With Kevin Keegan For No Power Hour

npower has announced it will be teaming with Kevin Keegan to help fans of the beautiful game save energy in Sunderland.

Former Newcastle boss Keegan will visit the city to encourage families to spend an hour doing something fun without using electricity.

And the 60-year-old reckons a kick-about is the perfect way to get fit and help the environment at the same time.

Kevin Keegan said: “The No Power Hour is designed to get kids and parents off computers and get them out for an hour after switching everything off.

“We’re in Sunderland first then in a couple of weeks up in Leeds – it’s a fantastic set-up we’ve got.

“We’re not saying you can replace technology, it’s here forever after all. What we’re saying is sometimes you’ve got to switch it off and spend a bit of time with your kids – and you can do it together.

“You can do things that will become a lot of fun for you. What happened to making kites and things like that?

“What we’re saying is come out and just do something with your kids, the things you do that are great fun and cost nothing except the effort to get out the house and go somewhere.”

Children and parents can join Keegan’s master class at Seaburn Recreation Park where he will display football skills they can practise together in back gardens, on playing fields, at the beach, the sports centre, the park and even in the living room using no power.

Children can also get involved on the Climate cops, where they can download a mission chart, to keep track of the activities they participate in.

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npower Reveals Birmingham Teens Spend More Time Inside Than Outside

npower has revealed that over two thirds (67%) of Birmingham teens are spending more time inside than outside, with seventy per cent preferring computer games over an outdoor activity, according to the research commissioned by the energy supplier.

In stark contrast, their parents admit to spending most of their time in the garden whilst growing up (63%) and over three quarters (76%) of the parents questioned felt children who spend time outside have a better awareness the environment.

The findings come as npower’s ambassador Ben Fogle visits Birmingham’s Think Tank to act as a judge for its Climate Cops SOS Finale, an initiative designed to encourage young people to make a real green change in their area, and to urge the young people of Birmingham to get active and get green by signing up for 2011’s Climate Cops SOS where they could win a week of adventure with Ben himself this November, with entry closing on 30th June 2011.

At the event, Ben will be discussing the importance of preserving the great outdoors and presenting the winning school with a green make over, plus ten brand new Netbooks for the students.

Clare McDougall, npower’s head of education and community, said: “Growing up for me was all about being outside with nature, playing in the garden and camping in the countryside, but after npower’s recent research it seems that Birmingham kids could be turning into ‘generation x-box’.

“We want Birmingham teens to show us their green credentials and adventurous side by entering this year’s Climate Cops SOS so that next year we can hopefully crown them as 2011’s ‘green-agers’ and present them with a fantastic week of adventure alongside a real life explorer.”

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npower Encourages Homeowners To Find Out More About Climate Week

npower encouraged homeowners to pay a visit to its stand at the Ideal Home Show during Climate Week to find out how to make their homes more energy efficient and better manage their impact on the environment.

Exhibiting at the show for a third year, npower showcased the latest eco-friendly home technology developments including electric vehicle technology, solar energy panels and the company’s green energy tariff.

Centre of the stand was a Tesla, the fastest electric vehicle in existence, along with home and city charging points for electric vehicles.

Nicola Hadcroft, creative services manager at npower, commented: “Climate Week is all about highlighting the innovative technology that is coming to the market to help make homeowners’ lives easier. The Ideal Home Show was the perfect place to showcase what npower is doing to make a difference.

“By encouraging people to become more engaged with their energy usage and as a supplier helping them to achieve this, we can work towards a more sustainable future and help homeowners tread more lightly on the planet.

“Even by making small improvements such as using an electricity monitor, energy efficient light bulbs fitting or fitting a smart meter, can make a difference, while bigger innovations, such as installing solar panels are a viable investment for the future.”

Homeowners who are not looking to install new products in their home, but still want to play their part can also sign up to npower’s green energy tariffs including npower Juice and npower’s National Trust Green Energy.

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npower Get Kids To Switch Off And Go Green This Half-Term

In research published by npower Climate Cops parents reported that their children will spend an additional four hours watching TV, the same time again playing games consoles, and a staggering 2.5 hours blow drying and straightening their hair, during the forthcoming half-term.

npower Get Kids To Switch Off And Go Green This Half-Term

In an effort to help kids put down the controller, Climate Cops ‘No Power Hour’ is on a mission to keep kids entertained and think green over half-term, by encouraging children to switch off, get out there and try something new and spend an hour each day using no electricity.

Kids are being encouraged to unplug the computer games, put down the TV remote and turn off the iPod speakers and take part in No Power Hour by discovering fun things to do using nothing but their own energy and imagination.

Kids and families can get green ideas by clicking onto npower’s website where they will find interactive games to teach them to save energy, along with wall charts and stickers to keep track of progress made throughout the Climate Cops. No Power Hour mission.

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