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Concentration:FLABEG pools Know-How

FLABEG, the international glass finishing specialist, now provides its customers with even more transparency. With the formation of FLABEG Deutschland GmbH the company will concentrate its key competences in the field of automotive and technical glass, in future FLABEG GmbH will focus simultaneously on the development of the solar mirror business.

“The significant expansion of our worldwide business locations made it necessary to re-organize our key competences,” said Axel Buchholz, CEO of the FLABEG Group, explaining the new structure. The automotive and technical glass divisions will operate under the umbrella of FLABEG Deutschland GmbH. The mission: to create a powerful, flexible center of competence for partners in the automotive, consumer electronics and aerospace industries.

For FLABEG customers the pooling of expertise in the solar mirror business and the automotive, technical glass has distinct advantages. FLABEG provides its partners from consulting to support up to the individual precision solution all from one source. “Even with expansion, it is important for us to retain the flexibility and structure of a medium-sized company,” said Axel Buchholz. “Utilizing the concentrated development expertise of our all locations, we are able to produce tailor-made high-tech glass products for our customers in a timely manner. A key competitive advantage for FLABEG customers.”

FLABEG, founded in 1882, is an independent company with production facilities in Europe, America and Asia. FLABEG is an expert in all types of glass processing. Precision bending and coating are among the core competencies of the company.

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FLABEG Solar U.S. Corp. Opens New Solar Mirror Plant

FLABEG, global leader in high-tech glass and mirror applications, is opening a new production facility for solar mirrors which are used to help generate electricity at large-scale solar power plants. The new 209.00sq.ft manufacturing facility is erected in the Clinton Commerce Park near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The factory will have a annual capacity to deliver parabolic curved mirrors up to 450 MW for PT plants. This production site is therefore equipped to produce tempered solar mirrors in addition to the established monoliths, untempered mirrors.

“Our philosophy has undergone no change, nevertheless we want to be fully prepared for all possible changes in the law,” commenting FLABEG CEO Axel Buchholz on the extended production range. “We expect some federal states will introduce standards for safety glass for Concentrated Solar Power applications. Our core production will remain with untempered solar mirrors.”

Field tests indicate a breakage rate of 0.027% for FLABEG untempered solar mirrors. At such low levels breakage is not an issue.

“As always FLABEG continues to keep abreast oft he changing demands of the market,” says Buchholz. The facility will in future also be home to thinglass applications for Solar Dishes and Concentrated PV and also flat mirrors for Power Tower heliostats and Linear Fresnel power plants.

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Home Owners Find Energy Bill Cuts in Surprising Ways

Again, San Diego Gas & Electric raised its base rates for electricity and natural gas by some $136 million in 2008. We are also expecting successive annual base rate hikes of $44 million in 2010 and an additional $44 million in 2011. For the average residential customer, that translates to a 7% increase in their electricity bills from last year with additional raises in years ahead. While some homeowners are getting into buying expensive solar panels that will pay for themselves in 10 to 30 years, other rate-hike victims are finding energy cuts in surprising ways.

Your Solar Link was started by a LEED accredited professional and designers in an effort to educate local homeowners on the best available solar gadgets on the market.

“As a homeowner, I never thought that those little garden electric lights that are placed along my garden pathway actually can cost me up to $140 a year on my electricity bill? I do not need so much light to light up that trail, but the benefit of using solar pathway lights is enormous”, says Barbara White, who just purchased her first solar pathway lights that cost her only $64.99 for a set of 4.

Your Solar Link started as a hobby but quickly grew into something more. It became a place of contribution by its members and their clients. Your Solar Link doesn’t just sell solar powered products; it plants a TREE for every solar light that is purchased. So not only do you get the benefits of free energy, but you become part of a bigger movement for the future of our planet.

“It’s that simple, replacing your outdoor electric water fountain pump with a solar powered pump will save you around $100 a year. You can find little things around your house that can generate a pretty substantial amount of cash in your pocket by the end of a year: your garage light, your motion sensor lights, your lit home address or lit mailbox, spot lights for your trees, you name it! It adds up every quickly” says Mario Villalobos, one of the founders of Your Solar Link. “I am also surprised that the government, which is so concerned about night sky light pollution, is not interested more in using solar lights. Solar lights are easy to install, cost almost as much as a regular lights and are not as expensive as solar panel systems. Solar lights don’t emit as much light into the atmosphere as conventional electric lights, thus clearing up the sky at night. ”

What’s next for Your Solar Link? “We are in the process of setting up a recycling program for used solar lights. Some of the old solar lights that were sold before us, because of the poor quality, will be thrown out soon. We are looking into figuring out a way to take them apart and to recycle solar lights components,” the Team of Your Solar Link concluded.

For more information on Your Solar Link products visit: http://www.yoursolarlink.com.

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Opus Energy Signs A Supply Contract With John Lewis, Leading UK Retailer

The John Lewis deal part of £20m new customer growth for Opus Corporate Solutions. Opus Energy, a leading independent electricity supplier to UK businesses, today announced a host of new supply agreements with leading UK corporates including John Lewis, White Stuff, DPD and Heritage Great Britain.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy, a leading independent electricity supplier to UK businesses, today announced a host of new supply agreements with leading UK corporates including John Lewis, White Stuff, DPD and Heritage Great Britain.

The customer wins form part of an additional £20m of new agreements, contracted by Opus Corporate Solutions in the last six months.

Opus Energy will supply 123 sites for one of Britain’s best loved retailers, John Lewis, in a two year deal worth £3.6m.

Bill Wright, Corporate Energy and Environment Manager at John Lewis said: “We look forward to forging a partnership with Opus Energy. As a dynamic company we need our suppliers to respond efficiently to our business’ needs. Opus Energy listened closely to our requirements during the tender process and offered a bespoke service at a competitive price.”

Steve James, Commercial Director and head of Opus Corporate Solutions for Opus Energy said, “We are delighted to be working with a number of high-profile UK corporates, including one of Britain’s best loved brands, John Lewis. These are important customer wins for Opus Energy and support our position as a leading provider in the energy retail industry. As the majority of our business is won off the back of our reputation and service delivery, our recent successes are a great testament to Opus Energy’s dedication to providing a first class package.”

Opus Corporate Solutions provided a bespoke, tailored tendering solution for the John Lewis Partnership Plc, collating its non half hourly sites into one simplified response. In addition, John Lewis will benefit from an Opus Energy tailored billing solution and levy-exempt renewable electricity supply.

Their flexible processes also appealed to John Lewis as Opus Energy were able to start supplying the retailer with electricity in a shorter time than standard industry practices.

Established in 2002, Opus Energy has grown to supply over 50,000 sites across the UK and is now an established electricity provider to large corporates. Opus Corporate Solutions has demonstrated that through dedicated resources and innovative solutions it continues to succeed in winning and retaining large corporate customers.

Opus Corporate Solutions provides a tailored service for each customer, this includes:

• Levy exempt electricity supply as standard, as 60 per cent of Opus Energy’s supply comes from cleaner sources

• Free Smart Meters** offered to Opus Energy customers

• A dedicated Opus Energy account manager and online account support platform

• Flexible, accurate timely billing

• The Opus Evolution platform which is a flexible purchasing solution that gives customers access to wholesale energy prices

About Opus Energy
Opus Energy is a leading independent supplier of electricity to UK businesses. With offices in Northampton and Oxford, Opus Energy employs over 200 people. Opus Energy supplies over 50,000 UK business sites across all sectors. Large customers include: Stagecoach, Thorntons, Farmfoods, FirstGroup, Cumbria County Council and John Lewis.

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npower Achieve A Coveted Big Tick Award For Spreading Warmth

npower achieve a coveted Big Tick Award from Business in the Community (BitC) in the Marketplace Impact category, for its ‘Spreading Warmth’ programme, which is helping to alleviate fuel poverty across the UK.


npower, has helped more than 150,000 customers benefit through the programme; providing financial support, including npower’s social tariff and help with outstanding energy debts, as well as energy saving advice over the phone and in the home which has helped change consumer behaviour to use energy more efficiently.

npower has trained its staff to identify and assist its vulnerable customers, promote assistance available through a range of marketing campaigns and through engagement with external stakeholders developed a targeted programme which provides meaningful help to its customers most in need.

The initiative received the P&G Responsible Marketing and Innovation award for the second year running, and involves training employees to recognise those most at risk, including identifying customers who pay more than 10% of their income on energy bills.

In addition to the Big Tick award, npower has achieved Platinum status in the BitC’s Corporate Responsibility Index, the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility.

Paul Dear, programme manager at npower, said: “Being acknowledged in both BitC’s Big Tick awards and Corporate Responsibility Index is a huge achievement.

“In total, we have received three Big Tick Awards throughout the company, and protecting vulnerable and fuel poor customers’ is at the heart of our business ethos. The Spreading Warmth programme demonstrates how, as one of the UK’s largest utility companies, we operate responsibly and seek to develop personal relationships with customers.

“Our advisors are trained to offer sensitive advice to customers, with a specific focus on recommending the correct tariff and suitable repayment methods.”

The Big Tick is awarded to businesses which are able to demonstrate significant impact and high quality management of their responsible business practices, as Stephen Howard, chief executive at Business in the Community, confirmed: “The Big Tick is now recognised as both a valuable and difficult award to achieve.

“Those who achieve the Big Tick are leading companies, ones that run their businesses aware that they depend above all on the talent, innovation and loyalty of their people. They know that they cannot build a successful sustainable business without constantly showing their commitment to being a better business,” he added.

About npower:
RWE npower has been awarded the prestigious Community Mark from Business in the Community (BitC). npower is the only utility business, amongst 21 other companies in the UK, to receive this accolade. The Community Mark is a new BitC standard, created to recognise companies that are good investors in local communities and who have brought about real and positive changes

- npower received three awards in the 2009 Big Tick Awards for its impact in the workplace, community and marketplace.

– BitC’s Corporate Responsibility Index is the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility. This year, 141 businesses participated, with seven companies achieving the new Platinum Plus level

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Opus Energy Urges Businesses Not To Overlook The Savings That Can Be Made Through Proactive Electricity Management


Opus Energy, a leading independent supplier of electricity to UK businesses, has today launched a new website offering specialist electricity advice to businesses across the UK.

The online service has been specifically created by Opus Energy to provide practical advice to businesses on issues such as being more energy efficient, measuring electricity usage and how to reduce bills.

The new Opus Energy advice site is a one stop shop for businesses to learn how to:
• Carry out a site energy review
• Make energy saving steps in the workplace
• Switch to different tariff
• Lower electricity bills

The website was launched after Opus Energy completed a poll of 500 small businesses in the UK and found that only 3% of managers would review their gas or electricity tariffs in order to make business savings in the current economic downturn.

Saving by switching
Energy is a widely overlooked business service that has the potential to provide vital savings for companies who want to make more of an impact to their bottom line.

Duncan Lebbern, Financial Director of RIF Worldwide, a logistics service provider, reviewed the company’s overheads after his import business was affected by the economic downturn. Money saved from switching supplier to Opus Energy helped Duncan expand his company: opening three new offices in the UK this year. He said: “We all rely on electricity to power our working days whether during a downturn or otherwise. Switching supplier to Opus Energy allowed us to run the business economically, allowing us to grow our company even during these tough times.”

Saving by monitoring
As well as identifying the savings that could be made by switching supplier, the Opus Energy advice website provides information about measuring energy and smart metering. Research from the Carbon Trust shows that by simply monitoring energy use in the workplace, companies could save over 12.3% on their bills.

Steve James, Commercial Director at Opus Energy, said: “The Opus Energy advice website has been launched to help our customers and UK businesses understand how to reduce their overheads and improve efficiency at a time when every penny counts. We’re encouraging businesses to take a proactive approach. By taking control of their tariff, monitoring their usage and taking steps to be more energy efficient, UK businesses can realise substantial financial savings and make a real impact to their bottom line in this economic downturn.”

Saving by upgrading
The Opus Energy advice site also provides information for businesses wishing to apply for a Carbon Trust interest-free loan enabling them to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment. Many Carbon Trust customers find that the energy savings they make using their new efficient equipment more than covers their loan repayments. All the information businesses need to find out about the scheme is easily accessible on the Opus Energy advice site, alongside links to carbon calculators and loan application details.

From making sure your business is more energy efficient and reducing your bills, through to how to getting your hands on interest free energy loans, Opus Energy is on hand to help offer advice.

The new website from Opus Energy can be found at

About Opus Energy
Opus Energy is a leading independent supplier of electricity to UK businesses. Opus Energy supplies over 50,000 UK business sites across all sectors. Large customers include: Stagecoach (LSE: SGC.L), Thorntons (LSE: THT.L), Farmfoods, FirstGroup (LSE: FGP.L), Cumbria County Council and Deloitte & Touche.

Over the last two years (between April 2006 and March 2008), over 60% of the energy supplied by Opus Energy to its customers came from cleaner, low-carbon sources – 54% from renewable generators and 8% from cleaner Combined Heat and Power (CHP) produced by CHP generators. These CHP generators have been awarded accreditation by the regulator, Ofgem, for producing cleaner, more environmentally friendly power.

Opus Energy’s management team has a 50 percent stake in the business, while International Power Plc (LSE: IPR.L) holds 30 percent and Telecom Plus Plc (LSE: TEP.L) has 20 percent. With offices in Northampton and Oxford, Opus Energy employs 230 people. For further information about Opus Energy, please see www.opusenergy.com.

1. ‘Advanced Metering for SMEs’ report published by The Carbon Trust, summer 2007.

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Eupelix LLC Develops Low Energy, Low Emission Process Of Refining Petroleum

Scientists of Eupelix, LLC have developed an ecologically clean, energy efficient method modifying properties of crude petroleum, including braking down long molecules (cracking) into smaller molecules, at room temperature. 

First demonstration experiments were carried out recently by Eupelix staff with the assistance of researchers from the University of Illinois College of Engineering, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center and the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Eupelix personnel used high frequency, solid-state pulse generators in proprietary circuits and reactors to produce fast electromagnetic fields which affected the physical and chemical properties of crude oils in large volumes. The process decreased the content of heavy oil fractions, breaking them into more valuable, lighter fractions. There also are decreases in the viscosity and the content of toxic sulfur compounds.

For more than 70 years, traditional thermal cracking processes have been carried out by oil refineries at extremely high temperatures. Temperatures exceeding 500 °C have been used to break heavy oil fractions into lighter fractions to produce gasoline and diesel fuels.

“Using these high temperatures involves the extensive power consumption contributing to the cost of fuels and negative environmental impact,” said Eupelix CEO Dmitri Novikov.

Now important steps in upgrading oils can be accomplished without the use of heat, minimizing energy consumption and the impact on the environment, Novikov said.

Petroleum desulfurization is also an important issue for the oil industry trying to reduce the content of sulfur in the end products. This decreases the environmental toxicity of burned fuels. The new process facilitates desulfurization.

The method uses modern pulse equipment, which has been utilized in applications related to radar modulators, particle accelerators and lasers.

“About a decade ago, the project was in the nascent stage because the pulse equipment was not nearly as efficient as it has become in recent years. Hardly anyone tried applying it for processing of petroleum. ” said Igor Pyzh, Eupelix visiting engineering consultant.

Pyzh came from the Ukraine to assist with test experiments for prospective industrial partners and collaborators in the United States.

Using available powerful pulse equipment, hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day can be processed satisfying commercial-scale refining. Pyzh says, it is just a matter ofadjusting the equipment to the kinds of processed oils. This can be done in the new Euplex lab in Illinois.

“There are also other interesting, ecologically clean applications that we are exploring together with our collaborators,” Novikov said.

The major efforts of the company are focused on applying this process to large scale petroleum refining for industrial partners in Illinois, the State of Eupelix registration, and for partners in the Ukraine, the home country of the invention.

CONTACT: Dr. Dmitri V. Novikov 
217-351-3542 Eupelix, L.L.C.

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