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Proposition 39 Funding and RedBird LED Shed Light on College District

The Board of Directors of Rancho Santiago Community College District unanimously approved the use of Redbird LED for their interior LED lighting retrofit project with the use of Prop 39 funding. The conversion to LED lighting will save the district over $2,000,000 throughout the life of the product. In addition, Southern California Edison (SCE) will provide the district over $300,000 in rebates. The project was completed on August 1, 2014.

“I’ve worked with the California Community College Districts on several lighting upgrade projects over the past 3 years,” says John Gilmore, of Gilmore Consulting Services, Inc. “I’ve enjoyed collaborating with the entire team at RSCCD and look forward to helping them meet their energy reduction goals on future projects.” The project consists of over 9,000 RedBird LED Stripit Kits® and 2,200 Cardinal® LED T8 Tube lights, encompassing nearly 700,000 square feet of classrooms, administration offices, gymnasiums, hallways and common areas.

The use of the Stripit Kit allowed the College to reduce their energy consumption by over 75% while increasing the light levels and the quality of the light. Virtually every fluorescent tube was replaced with Redbird’s LED technology. “I’ve worked on many projects for RSCCD and this one delivered one of the fastest paybacks yet,” says Scott Connors of Facilities Planning & Program Services, “I personally tested products from several LED lighting manufacturers and not one of them came close to Redbird’s quality, light output, efficiency and 10 year warranty.”

“Being selected for the first major Prop 39 lighting retrofit project in California speaks to the unique technological advantages RedBird LED has developed in our products”, says Jonathan Eppstein, President and Founder of Redbird LED. “This is a high visibility project that gives real world validation of the Stripit Kits’ quality and efficacy that makes them the best fluorescent retrofit solutions in the industry. The fact that RedBird has routinely been ranked with the highest efficacy LED products in America by the Design Lights Consortium ensures our customers that they are maximizing their return on investment, rebates based on energy saved, while deploying a truly state-of-the-art lighting system.”

For more information on RedBird LED’s Stripit Kit® solution, please visit our website at www.redbirdled.com or contact us 678.REDBIRD (733.2473).

Contact Details: Steve Sheinbaum, VP Marketing
Address: 1202 Gail Dr Atlanta GA 30319
Phone: 678-733-2473
Fax: 814-286-5928
email: s.sheinbaum@rtedbirdled.com
Website: www.RedBirdLED.com

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npower Reveals Opportunity to Save for SMEs Shutting Down Over Christmas

npower research has revealed more than half (55%) of the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses will be taking an extended break over Christmas by shutting down completely from Christmas Eve until the New Year.

However, more than one quarter (28%) of those planning to shut down have no measures in place to avoid unnecessary energy wastage during the holidays, reveals new research released today from npower.

A significant amount (59%) of SMEs also say they will be reducing their operating hours, but nearly one third (31%) will not be adjusting their building systems to reflect these changes, meaning they could miss out on potential savings.

The research undertaken among more than 300 SMEs across the UK also revealed energy efficiency will increase as a business priority in 2013 for nearly one third (30%) of businesses.

Phil Scholes, SME Markets Director at npower, commented: “We undertook research among SMEs just before Christmas to highlight the opportunities for businesses to save energy. There are some simple measures such as ensuring lights and equipment are switched off and that heating systems are set to reflect the changes in opening hours, which can really make a big difference.

“We’d encourage those SMEs looking to take a break this year to fully embrace this great opportunity to make some savings, and with our research revealing energy efficiency is set to increase as a business priority in 2013, why not get the year off to a good start?”

While a significant number of SMEs do not have plans in place to manage energy waste over the shut down period, some businesses have planned ahead and the research shows that switching off equipment and lights are the most popular energy saving measures for forward-thinking companies. In addition, more than two thirds (69%) of those who will be reducing their operating hours over Christmas said they will change the settings on their building systems such as heating and lighting to reflect these changes, ensuring they will be able to use energy as efficiently as possible.

Phil Scholes continued: “It is great to see some businesses are ensuring they don’t waste energy over the Christmas break. Most organisations can save up to 20 per cent on their fuel bills by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures, so there is a real opportunity for more SMEs to save in 2013.”

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npower Installs Solar Power To Save Carbon

A large-scale project to install solar panels across eight of its key UK sites was completed by npower between April – July 2012.

Approximately 200 photovoltaic panels, which generate a total of 50kW of electricity, were installed at each site by npower’s Business Energy Services division, while battling the wet and windy weather this summer. The installations ensure that the range of buildings, from one of npower’s power stations at Little Barford in St Neots, to one of its main call centres in Houghton-le-Spring, just outside Sunderland, will benefit from reduced carbon emissions.

As solar PV is an ideal renewable energy technology for most buildings, it suited the npower premises which differed in age and location types from urban to rural surroundings and featured varying roof styles.

The new technology will help npower achieve its target of reducing the carbon emissions from its offices by 38% by 2014. It will also allow npower to generate electricity during daylight hours and export any that is unused back to the Grid, thereby saving both energy and costs. The solar PV is already having an impact on the amount of electricity the offices are taking from the Grid for power. Birch House, an npower office in Oldbury in the West Midlands, which houses around 500 employees has already seen a 16% reduction in power used from the Grid when compared to the previous year thanks to the solar PV and other measures implemented across the site.

The installation of solar PV technology is part of the company’s wider commitment toenergy efficiency. Other measures have included the installation of energy efficient air conditioning units, motion sensor lighting and new recycling facilities.

Dave Horton, property sustainability and capital investment manager from npower, commented: “npower is committed to reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our sites. This project is designed to help us meet these aims. It is great to see the significant results achieved already at Birch House and across our other sites.

“The comprehensive planning that went into the project was really important to make sure it was completed on time and as efficiently as possible. It was particularly essential as not only did we have to install the solar PV on a variety of buildings and roof styles, we also had to contend with all the elements the great British summer weather threw at us. The project was completed swiftly in less than two weeks and it was crucial disruption was kept to a minimum as the sites were fully operational throughout.”

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npower Has ‘Grand Designs’ On Saving Energy

Consumers looking to take control of their energy costs will be able to get the latest energy efficiency advice from npower at this year’s Grand Designs Live.

Visitors to Grand Designs will be able to meet with npower’s energy experts, receive energy efficiency advice, discuss what renewable technologies are available to them and sign up to receive more information about the Government’s new Green Deal initiative, as it progresses.

npower is inviting visitors to the stand to learn more about how to create a warmer home, including how the Green Deal might help them to achieve this. The aim of Green Deal is to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties and reduce carbon emissions. With the Green Deal, households will be able to receive finance in the form of a loan, to help pay for energy efficiency improvements, such as loft, cavity or solid wall insulation. It works on a ‘pay as you save’ principle allowing consumers to repay the loan in instalments via their energy bill. As well as avoiding potentially large up front costs, which can be a massive barrier, consumers can take comfort in the knowledge that repayments should not exceed the estimated savings on their energy bills – the so called ‘Golden Rule’.

Visitor’s who sign up to receive more information about the Green Deal and request an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their home from npower, will automatically be entered into a free prize draw for up to £5,000 worth of energy efficiency improvements.

David Titterton, npower’s Director of ECO and Green Deal Delivery said: “Saving energy for consumers is key to running a successful energy services business. There are significant changes to government legislation taking place which, in principle, should make access to key energy saving improvements easier for everyone. The Green Deal is a fundamental shift in the way that people can finance energy efficiency improvements for their home.

“While the final details are still being worked on, we want to encourage as many people as possible to find out more about the Green Deal and energy efficiency. So why not come down to Grand Designs and visit us at our stand.”

Grand Designs Live is taking place until October 14th at the NEC and is the UK’s leading home show. The event will have over 500 exhibitors, across six different sections, covering interiors, gardens, home improvement, renovations and technology. Visit npower on stand B550.

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Just EPC see demand for EPCs Rise as Green Deal Approaches

October sees the launch in the domestic property market for the long awaited Green Deal energy efficiency initiative. Here at Just EPC we are already receiving hundreds of calls from people inquiring about Energy Performance Certificates in relation to eligibility for Green Deal finance. The Green Deal offers domestic property owners a means by which to finance energy efficiency improvements and property upgrades at no up front cost, providing the upgrades see a return equal to or above the initial investment by way of reduced energy bills.

In order for this finance to be applied for, a valid Residential EPC must be provided or commissioned first. The EPC Assessor will draft a sheet of recommendations that allows the homeowner to see how much money they could be saving if they went ahead with energy efficiency upgrades. The assessor will also apply an EPC rating to the property between ‘A. and ‘G’. This allows you to see how energy efficient your house actually is and how much money you could save if improvements were to be carried out.

The commercial property sector in relation to SMEs (small to medium enterprises) may also be eligible for Green Deal finance in October as several green deal providers have already stated that they wish to offer their services out to the commercial sector, after having received many calls from businesses in relation to upgrading their properties. A Commercial EPC would be required in order to apply for Green Deal finance in the same respect as the domestic property market.

We are looking forward to the coming months as we expect to see a significant rise in the amount of EPCs requested in the build up to October for both domestic and commercial alike. With over 3000 fully registered and certified energy assessors nationwide, we are more than ready for the challenge. An EPC can be turned over in as little as seven days and in some cases 24hrs depending on circumstances with prices starting as low as GBP34.99. The process is simple and straightforward and will leave the client in a much better position to determine how best to improve the overall energy efficiency of their property, which in turn will not only reduce green house gas emissions but also help to save money on energy bills over time.

So remember if you wish to apply for Green Deal finance, then the first thing you require is a valid Energy Performance Certificate. This is the first step on the Green Deal journey and Just EPC are looking forward to playing their part in the biggest energy efficiency initiative the UK property sector has ever seen.

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npower Reports Lack Of Funding A Key Barrier To Improving Energy Efficiency Of Social Housing

The youngsters from Oldfallings Youth Group were delighted to learn that their annual residential visit to the Camas Centre, on the Isle of Mull, was still going ahead, despite initial promises of funding having fallen through. Youth helper, Andy Brown (24), who lives in Oldfallings, decided to ask his employer, npower, to help out.

Around 14 youngsters were scheduled to go on the week-long trip and had been looking forward to it for some time. Andy explained: “We stay in an old fishing hut without distractions like mobile phones and TV; there is no electricity or gas and we all find out how easy it is to get along and the pleasure of being outdoors in such beautiful countryside.

“The withdrawal of funding was a huge blow to us and put the group’s finances into a precarious position. I applied for a donation from npower’s Community Volunteer Award programme and the cheque for £500 recently came through. The news was welcome relief for us all.”

The members of the youth group, who are all aged 13 to 18, take part in outward bound activities including walking, sailing and fishing. Andy, a former member, started to help the group leader, Richard Lockley, six years ago, volunteering to run activities for the youngsters at the club’s weekly Sunday evening meeting.

Michelle Barron, npower’s Charity and Volunteering officer, said the financial support is in recognition of Andy’s commitment to his youth group: “This award has meant the youngsters from Oldfallings Youth Group could enjoy their planned visit and reduce the financial burden on their leaders. We have several employees, like Andy, who give their time to help others and we are delighted to be able to support their contribution to their communities.”

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npower Contracted To Work On New Oxford Brookes Student Accommodation

Leading energy supplier, npower, has been appointed to complete the mechanical and electrical installations for two new accommodation blocks at Oxford Brookes University.

Consisting of 318 bedrooms, the new residences will be home to some of the 18,000 students currently enrolled at Oxford Brookes, which is one of the highest-rated modern universities in the UK. The new accommodation is part of wider redevelopment project to provide high-quality living and learning facilities to students.

The new residences will contain modern building systems for safety and security, as well as technology to aid energy efficiency and maintain optimum living conditions. Using specifications from Oxford Brookes’ M&E consultants, Couch Perry & Wilkes, npower has been tasked with designing, building and installing all the mechanical and electrical systems, including heating, lighting, power, water, data, plumbing, sanitary, fire and security systems and access control.

Work began on site in August, with 18 members of the npower team delivering the work. The project is scheduled for completion in March 2012.

As a new building, maximising energy efficiency and keeping energy costs down will be key to the project and so npower will begin by installing a CHP plant within the Energy Centre in the building. This on-site self generation technology will help to meet industry-wide green credentials while also reducing energy usage by providing usable heat as a by-product of electricity generation.

Other innovative energy-saving technology to be implemented includes passive infrared (PIR) radiators, which are motion-activated and so can be automatically switched on and off when a room is occupied or vacated. The accommodation blocks will also be home to a ‘green roof’ made of grass and small plants. These roofs can provide both thermal and sound insulation, and also have an extended lifespan compared to traditional roofs due to the vegetation absorbing water and protecting the waterproofing membranes below.

David Molde, senior contracts manager at npower, commented: “After completing a successful refurbishment project at Aston University in 2010, npower has the necessary expertise and experience to deliver the mechanical and electrical installations for the project here at Oxford Brookes. Fundamental to the development is improved access, security, safety, and facilities for the students so working with the University and its consultants allows us to work with the end users’ needs front of mind.”

The 318 bedrooms across the two accommodation blocks are en-suite, with students able to choose between studio apartments or cluster flats with communal kitchens. The new accommodation blocks will be home to students from July 2012.

For more information, please visit www.npower.com/corporate.

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npower Helps 10,000 SMEs Commit To Save Energy

10,000 UK SMEs have had a helping hand to reduce their overheads and become more competitive, thanks to the support of energy supplier, npower.

npower has welcomed its 10,000th customer to its Smart Start scheme, a toolkit and advice service which helps SMEs save on their energy bills quickly, through easy to implement energy efficiency measures. These include turning equipment off and managing heating and ventilation systems, which can save up to 10% off their energy bills.

Patrick Harvey, npower’s head of customer loyalty, said: “Helping 10,000 UK SMEs to save energy is a significant milestone for them and us. The Carbon Trust believes that businesses could save 10% on their energy bills through easy energy efficiency measures: if each of these 10,000 SMEs saved 10% on their annual energy bill, up to £5 million* could have been saved already. This is testament to the impact that simple measures, such as those included in the SmartStart help and advice can have. The ethos behind SmartStart is to help businesses realise the savings they can make by providing the right advice and support. It’s great to see so many SMEs are taking energy efficiency seriously, and realising the rewards that can be achieved through such measures.

“We know from the findings of npower’s latest Business Energy Index (nBEI) that 53% of small businesses do not have any methods in place to manage energy efficiency. I suspect this is because many do not have the resources themselves to research and implement energy efficiency measures, so with toolkits such as SmartStart this is taken care of and cost savings are easily achievable.”

npower’s SmartStart service includes a free energy monitor to help SMEs keep a close eye on how much energy they are consuming, so they can see where they can make savings. In addition, SMEs have access to expert advice via a dedicated helpline (0845 070 4019) enabling them to identify the simple measures which will make a big difference.

More information on how npower can help SMEs reduce emissions and cut costs can be found at www.npower.com/Business/SmartStart.

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npower Releases Latest Energy Market Update

npower has launched its latest energy market update, as part of its ongoing drive to help businesses and energy professionals to better understand the UK power market so that they can more effectively manage their price and volume risks.

Delivered from npower’s award winning Optimisation Desk by expert Magali Hodgson, npower’s fortnightly energy market update report details how even though the microeconomic outlook in the Eurozone remains uncertain leaving Brent volatile, the forecast of above average temperatures and high UK storage levels are giving a healthy outlook to the prompt market.

Magali Hodgson commented: “Forecast of above average temperature for the next couple of weeks and the UK’s gas and power system coping comfortably with the start of the winter, have removed some of the risk premium from the balance of the winter prices, giving a bearish sentiment to the prompt for the moment. It is also interesting to note that summer 2012 and Winter 2013 are now back to levels seen before the Japanese disaster indicating that there is maybe some upside to come as buyers come into the market.

“The question is when will the predicted cold temperature come, and will it be as cold as last winter’s?”

The npower energy market updates are filmed on a fortnightly basis by independent news agency, Energy Live News. They are delivered from npower’s Optimisation Desk, which is a unique service that provides businesses using flexible purchase energy contracts with access to information on the UK wholesale energy market and up to date advice on an individual basis.

More information and the updates can be found at www.npower.com/Large-Business/Energy-news/Market-update/index.htm. Those who would like to suggest a market update topic of interest or to discuss its content can contact Magali Hodgson at npower by emailing business@npower.com.

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Charles Hendry Joins Swindon School For npower Climate Cops Fun

Charles Hendry, Minister for Energy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Volker Beckers CEO RWE npower and Peter Terium RWE Group CEO joined pupils in Swindon for a Climate Cops Academy.

A group of 60 year 5 and 6 students from Tregoze Primary School years took part in npower’s environmental educational programme Climate Cops.

The Minister joined the students who were shown some simple ways to save energy in an exciting and engaging way. The interactive day included generating electricity with body movement, working with miniature examples of renewable energy sources and using thermal imaging cameras to see the effects of insulation.

Watching and participating in the activities, Charles Hendry commented: “This is a fantastic initiative, which will help young people learn more about where we get our energy from and what that means for the planet.

“I have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the children here today. I am sure that they will take what they have learned away with them and make a big difference to their school and homes.”

Volker Beckers, CEO of RWE npower said: “We are proud of our Climate Cops programme and believe it’s essential to get young people involved and inspired about energy efficiency. Energy is the lifeblood of our society, and a greater understanding of this brings with it respect for generations to come.”

Over 5,000 children have already taken part in Climate Cops Academies in 2011 and the programme has reached 43,000 students since it began in November 2007.

The Climate Cops programme visits schools across the UK in a bid to help them become greener. Working with local councils, npower provides schools with free energy audits and recommendations to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

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npower Announces its Manager of the Month Award Winners for April

npower has announced the winners of the Manager of the Month awards for the npower Football League in April.

Southampton manager Nigel Adkins has been named npower League 1 Manager of the Month for April.

Adkins’ side stand on the brink of promotion thanks to wins against Milton Keynes Dons, Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient, Bristol Rovers, Brighton & Hove Albion, Hartlepool United and Brentford.

Former Charlton Athletic boss Alan Curbishley chairs the npower Football League Manager of the Month judging panel. He said: “Southampton maintained their fine form throughout April with seven wins from their eight games.

“Nigel Adkins has done a great job since his appointment and his side have all but secured promotion back to the npower Championship.”

In League 2, Bury caretaker manager Richie Barker has been named npower League 2 Manager of the Month for April.

Barker took charge in March, and went on to lead his side through a six-game unbeaten run to ensure automatic promotion to npower League 1.

npower head of sponsorship Emma Collins added: “For the club to do so well with a managerial change late in the season is very impressive.

“Barker has hit the ground running, and fully deserves the award.”

Finally, in the Championship Norwich City striker Simeon Jackson has been named npower Championship Player of the Month for April.

Jackson netted eight times during the month to help the Canaries secure automatic promotion.

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New Laws Make It Easier To See How Warm New Windows Will Keep The Family

Anyone looking to buy energy-efficient double glazed windows can now quickly and easily compare the ability of different windows to keep in the heat in their homes, by checking the window’s ‘U’ rating.

‘U’ ratings are used in all kinds of building components. They measure how effective that component, for example a window or roof, is at retaining heat.

The new law stipulates that all replacement UPVC double glazing windows must now meet three minimum standards for energy efficiency. The factors which govern this are the efficiency of the glass in the window itself, and that of the sealed units which encase them.

The rule to remember is that the lower the ‘U’ rating, the more efficient the window, and therefore the lower the heat loss.

In many cases, having a double-glazed window containing glass with a low ‘U’ rating installed will be at least as good as opting for a window fitted with triple glazing – but of course, the window units will be no heavier than those with standard double glazing.

“Looking out for the ‘U’ ratings when setting out to buy energy-saving windows is something that everyone should try to do,” said Les Yates of home improvement comparison website Local Quoter. “When anyone is looking to buy energy-efficient windows, it will be one of the key ways of distinguishing between the various window types available.

“It will always be best to choose windows with a lower ‘U’ rating, because they will be proven to be among the best when it comes to keeping the house warm in cold weather.

“As we at Local Quoter only work with reputable and knowledgeable window installers, they will be able to explain the ins and outs of ‘U’ ratings to you. So not only will they use the best quality products available, they will also be able to help you make long-term savings on your energy bills.”

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npower Celebrates ‘Consumer Supplier Of The Year’ Award Win

npower is celebrating after being presented with ‘The Consumer Supplier of the Year’ award at the first ever Energy Event Awards. The award recognises the supplier that has excelled in providing industrial and commercial consumers with an outstanding service, product or innovation.

The awards are a new addition to the annual Energy Event, which took place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 8-9th September 2010. The awards recognise and reward achievements in the energy industry, celebrating the suppliers and businesses that are bringing new ideas and innovations to how energy is used and managed.

The award was presented to David Cockshott, director of industrial and commercial markets at npower. He said: “It’s brilliant that npower has been recognised as ‘The Consumer Supplier of the Year’. We are particularly proud of the accolade because we were nominated by our own industrial and commercial business customers, and we’d like to thank them for their support.”

David continued: “Offering our customers the best service is at the forefront of everything npower does and we strive to give businesses flexibility in how they buy their energy and to work in partnership with them to meet their energy needs.

“The judges also highlighted our Optimisation Desk as a key element of winning the award. This unique service allows our customers to access market developments, price analysis, trading information and updates and gives them a clear understanding of their position to help them to make more informed purchasing decisions.”

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npower Reports South Africa Economic Success Boosts Case For England 2018 World Cup Bid

Npower has reported that preliminary figures from the South African government have revealed that the staging of the World Cup brought an estimated boost to the economy of R93bn (£8bn).

These figures strongly support the business case for backing the bid to get the world’s biggest football tournament to England in 2018 according to npower, an official supporter of the England 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A poll conducted by the energy company revealed that more than 82% of bosses believe a World Cup in England would be great for business, 55% say it will deliver major financial benefit, and 63% say it would boost morale.

With the FIFA delegation set to visit each potential host city in August, npower is now calling on the business community to pledge their support for a World Cup in England in 2018. FIFA makes its decision on the host nation for 2018 in December 2010.

Kevin Peake, marketing director at npower, commented: “FA calculations suggest that the World Cup could bring as much as £3.2 billion to the economy, and the figures coming out of South Africa so far, although preliminary, show the economic boost a country can receive by staging this tournament.

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npower Braces For England Vs Slovenia Power Surge

npower is bracing itself for a huge surge in demand at 3pm on 23rd June, as thousands of businesses turn on TVs across the country to watch England take on Slovenia in the final crucial qualifying match in South Africa.

According to new research from npower, official supporter of the England 2018 FIFA World Cup Bid, 58% of businesses plan to let footie fans watch the big game, with over a third (39%) planning to screen the match at their places of work to boost morale.

Data from National Grid shows that England’s last crucial match on a working day, against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup, created the second biggest TV pick-up of all time at 2,570MW, as the nation tuned into to see if England could beat the eventual winners.

To save energy while watching the game, npower is now urging businesses to turn off computers, copiers and other non-essential equipment to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Office equipment is responsible for approximately 20% of energy use in most offices and half of this stems from PCs and monitors at a cost of £300 million per annum to businesses, according to the Carbon Trust. Switching equipment off for even just a few hours will stop energy waste and save money.

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npower Launches New Wallace & Gromit Ad – Hand Of Dog

While many England fans still bear the scars of the fateful game where Maradona proclaimed that the ‘Hand of God’ knocked England out in 1986, Wallace and Gromit exact their revenge in the new npower TV ad.

npower Launches New Wallace & Gromit Ad - Hand Of Dog

The new TV ad supports the Back the Bid 2018 campaign for England to host the FIFA World Cup(TM). As an official supporter of the bid npower is getting behind England 2018, as hosting the World Cup would provide a huge boost for British businesses large and small.

In one of the funniest football ads to be shown on British TV for many years, Wallace & Gromit, the eternal entrepreneurs, are all set to profit from a tournament in England with their madcap pie-making business – “WAG’s Pies Ltd”. As usual, their best-laid plans are threatened when Wallace’s latest invention – a pie-delivery machine – threatens the game with an errant pie.

Gromit sprints through the stands and onto the pitch making a leap for the runaway pie. As he flies through the air and catches hold of the pie, his other paw accidentally makes contact with the football sending it hurtling past the goalie and into the goal.

The advert ends with Wallace smugly viewing the success of his small business venture and Gromit enjoying a read of the local rag. The front page carries a photo of a very familiar dog scoring a goal under the headline “Hand of Dog”.

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Wallace & Gromit Get Smart With npower On The Small Screen

Fans of Oscar-nominated Wallace and Gromit are to be treated to another dose of the favourite duo as they appear in npower’s new TV advert.

The nation’s favourite animated characters are up to their usual ‘inventive’ mischief in delivering npower’s message of sensible energy consumption in the home. The loveable duo soon learns a valuable lesson in monitoring energy, as another invention goes wrong.

The new advertising campaign created by VCCP for npower is in a 30 and a 40 second format and breaks on 29 March until 7 May on ITV (Mid West & North) and Channel 4.

The 30 second advert opens in a darkened room where Wallace is in a state of panic. Hidden behind a cushion he watches a horror movie on his latest invention, a homemade widescreen TV. Wallace’s widescreen TV defies convention, consisting of multiple TV’s taped together.

However, a scary movie is not the only thing poor Wallace has to worry about when the penny finally drops that his pile of TV’s has in fact become an energy consuming monster.

Luckily, the savvier Gromit saves the day when he receives advice from customer care advisor Penny on how to cut energy consumption.

Our heroine informs Gromit about the npower smartpower electricity monitor, which allows customers to keep an eye on how much energy is being eaten up by all household appliances.

The 40 second advert actually shows the viewers what movie is scaring the life out of Wallace – Revenge of the Killer Watts – as well as having an additional scene of Gromit creeping up on Wallace and passing family photographs of Frankenwallace and Dracuwallace along the way. The end of the advert cuts straight back to the ominous pile of televisions ‘sparking’ to life.

The new Wallace & Gromit advert is part of the energy supplier’s smartpower campaign to help customers monitor and reduce energy consumption in the home with the offer of free smartpower electricity monitors when existing and new customers sign up to an online account.

Kevin Peake, marketing director at npower, commented: “We’re all guilty of being like Wallace and Gromit and wasting too much energy in the home, but we want to show that there are ways where we can help our customers save energy and money.

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npower Launches Return Of Wallace And Gromit Advert

npower launches return of Wallace and Gromit to the small screen in a cracking new energy efficiency advert.

Wallace And Gromit Advert

In the latest 30 second ad the famous pair suffers another calamitous mishap when Wallace concocts a baa-rmy scheme to fill his loft with sheep for better insulation. As poor Gromit ‘rams’ shut the loft hatch, the ceiling begins to crack and the entire flock, along with plaster and rubble, come tumbling down.

Luckily npower Bob appears to tell them there is an easier way: most homes have poor loft insulation, so it’s wise to prepare for winter with the npower loft home insulation service to help save time, money and sheep.

Wallace and Gromit’s appearance is the second of a series of npower adverts starring the duo. Each ad will be characterised by the famous duo doing what they do best and inventing hair-brained schemes to make their home more energy efficient.

The ad, which premiered on Thursday 23rd July during the Home Show at 8.30pm on Channel 4, aims to highlight the benefits of insulating lofts properly and how Britain’s brightest energy company is helping to make energy efficiency easier. It follows the success of the first npower ad starring Wallace and Gromit, which aired in March this year and has sent installations of energy efficient boilers soaring.

Kevin Peake, npower marketing director, said: “Wallace and Gromit are a family favourite and the most famous Oscar winning duo in Britain. We’re hoping their positive approach to energy efficiency will help people see how simple it is to make small changes and a big difference to their energy bills.

“Although home insulation may not be an obvious priority while the weather’s warm, now is an ideal time to tick it off the to-do list as ready to save energy and money in the winter months.”

Even for those with loft insulation, the message is to check that it meets the recommended 270mm depth.

Supporting the campaign are two market-leading offers for loft insulation. For the DIY market, npower has teamed up with insulation manufacturer Rockwool and national builders merchant Build Center to offer 2for1 on rolls of insulation with free delivery thrown in. For those who don’t fancy having a go themselves, npower will provide and install the loft insulation in people’s homes.

Further details and terms and conditions for both offers are available on the npower website.

About npower:
npower is one of Britain’s largest electricity supplier and supplies gas, electricity and related services to 6.6 million customers across the UK. npower is a market leader in renewable energy and sources the green energy for juice directly from renewable sources, at no extra cost.

RWE npower has been awarded the prestigious CommunityMark from Business in the Community (BITC). npower is the only utility business, amongst 21 other companies in the UK, to receive this accolade. The CommunityMark is a new BITC standard which has been created to recognise companies that are good investors in local communities and who have brought about real and positive changes.

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CO2 Reduction Not A Business Priority In Current Economic Climate Reports Npower

Npower has released data that shows more than eight out of ten businesses feel that Government targets to reduce CO2 emissions are unrealistic, with many not seeing the benefit of a small carbon footprint and relegating carbon reduction measures to concentrate on managing costs.

These are among the findings of the npower Business Energy Index, an annual report tracking business opinion on energy use and carbon emissions.

In this latest index, the majority of businesses (83%) said the target to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 was unrealistic. Attitudes on the potential commercial opportunities of a small carbon footprint are equally downbeat; only 31% think new business will occur as a result of reducing emissions, compared to 47% in npower’s 2008 index.

The findings also reveal that the economic downturn is leading businesses to prioritise finances over CO2 reduction; 97% said they are currently more concerned with reducing costs than emissions.

68% of businesses believe it is still important for the UK to take a leading role in reducing global emissions. This is a drop f r o m the 2008 index in which 88% of businesses backed the Government’s emission reduction plans.

Despite these opinions the Business Energy Index reveals a renewed focus on energy efficiency measures, with the importance attached to energy efficiency at its highest level since 2005. Furthermore 80% of businesses say they are likely to increase energy efficiency initiatives and, while this was primarily for cost benefit, the same measures would also lead to emission reduction.

Energy efficiency was also rated as the most popular action for businesses to take to reduce emissions, with 43% giving this answer ahead of changing processes (22%) or switching to a green tariff (18%). However, the Index suggests that more needs to be done to support businesses, with 51% of those questioned saying they thought the Government did not offer enough useful advice on the issues of carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

Julia Lynch-Williams, director of energy services at npower, said: “The Index shows that most businesses do not see the commercial benefits f r o m having a small carbon footprint, but we can’t escape the fact that climate change legislation and the strength of public feeling means that CO2 reduction remains important. The Government has set the UK on a path toward a low carbon economy and must now continue to stress to businesses the opportunities that will come f r o m low carbon operations.

“Energy efficiency is an excellent way to save money and it’s encouraging that many businesses are looking at this to reduce costs. While it’s understandable that businesses are more focused on the bottom-line in the current economic crisis, we would encourage them to see energy management as an effective means of reducing emissions as well as costs.

“Our advice to businesses is to make energy efficiency a priority now and in the long term.”

In-depth telephone interviews were conducted in January 2009 with a representative sample of 300 UK businesses, comprising 200 small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with significant energy usage and 100 major energy users (MEUs).

The npower Business Energy Index (nBEI) is sponsored by npower, in association with the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC) and Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The nBEI is designed and executed by Moffatt Associates, an independent research consultancy.

About npower:
npower is one of the top energy suppliers to the UK business market, serving over 230,000 small to medium sized enterprise sites and around 15,000 industrial and commercial customers, with over 100,000 sites.

npower is dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and therefore spend less money on their bills. 

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Npower Calls On Small Businesses In The UK To Be More Energy Efficient And Save Up To 20 Per Cent On Energy Bills

Small businesses in the UK are being urged to be energy efficient and save up to 20% on energy bills as the economy continues to bite.

The call comes as energy company npower completes a series of small business energy makeovers which have shown that saving energy is often one of the easiest ways of reducing costs and can be done through simple steps that together make a big difference.

npower’s energy efficiency makeovers have helped four businesses cut their energy spend by £1,200 and, at the same time, reduce CO2 output by almost 4.9 tonnes. With many SMEs facing difficult trading and financial uncertainty, npower believes these energy efficiency measures serve as examples of the cost savings that can be achieved in all workplaces.

Reducing the air conditioning temperature setting in a pub by a mere 2 degrees C will provide a cost saving of some £232 a year, while energy saving measures implemented at a printing press will be enough to cover the running costs of one of its machines everyday for nearly four months. Simply defrosting the fridge freezer and replacing lighting will contribute to cutting a car auction’s energy bill by £300, while draught proofing doors and changing light bulbs in a shop could lead to savings of £400 on its energy bills.

npower’s team of energy saving experts visited the range of businesses – including a pub , small printers, car auction and a shoe repair shop – to offer practical assistance to reduce energy consumption .

The team replaced light bulbs with energy saving equivalents; defrosted fridges and freezers; switched kettles to eco-friendlier alternatives; adjusted air conditioning and fitted reflective radiator panels; fitted timers to electrical equipment to switch if off when not in use; draught-proofed doors and even installed a wind-up radio and solar powered phone charger, substituting them for existing electric equivalents

“At times like these, every penny counts and we’ve demonstrated simple steps that small businesses in any sector can undertake to save money.” said Steve Fitzsimons, business energy manager at npower.

“Our recent survey has shown 60% of British adults believe that energy is being wasted in their businesses yet when you’re busy running your company it can sometimes seem difficult to dedicate time to cutting costs. Putting in place a range of energy saving measures for little or no cost will cut their energy bills without compromising operations,” added Fitzsimons.

Businesses wanting advice on cutting energy bills should visit npower, where they can sign-up to receive an advice pack and free Current Cost monitor, which will help them track how energy is being used.

About npower:
npower is dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and therefore spend less money on their bills. npower aims to have a positive impact on the communities it serves and reduce customers’ carbon footprints whilst always improving the service to customers.

npower specialises in risk management solutions, including market-leading flexible energy purchasing, energy efficiency, and broader energy management functions, tailored to every size of business. For major energy users, npower offers multi-utility management consultancy to enable organisations to improve efficiencies right across the procurement/consumption chain.

npower is committed to helping its small business customers to improve their energy efficiency. Since 2006 the ‘e3’ campaign (standing for energy, efficiency, environment) npower has offered business customers advice and guidance on reducing energy consumption. New business customers receive an energy monitor designed to improve their consumption awareness as well as access to a dedicate energy efficiency telephone helpline and website.

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