npower Boosts Barclaycard Freedom Scheme With Reward Worth Up To £160

The reward, the first in the scheme to be paid regardless of the amount the customer spends on their card, is recorded in pounds not points, and can be spent by customers immediately with tens of thousands of participating retailers across the UK.

npower Boosts Barclaycard Freedom Scheme With Reward Worth Up To £160

Celebrating the partnership, npower is doubling its sign-up incentive to £60* of Reward Money for Barclaycard Freedom customers transferring their gas and electricity to npower before May 17th 2010. Along with the £100 annual loyalty payment for both new and existing npower customers paying by monthly direct debit for both fuels, Barclaycard Freedom holders could earn enough in a year to buy a meal out for the entire family, special treat for someone or have a shopping spree online, simply by choosing npower as their gas and electricity supplier.

Giuseppe Di Vita, Managing Director of npower Retail Markets, commented: “Our customers have told us that they would like more freedom of choice in the way that they are rewarded for joining and staying with npower. Participating in the Barclaycard Freedom scheme enables us to give our customers the choice of up to 30,000 retailers to redeem their Reward Money. Our customers will benefit from a straightforward, simple and transparent way to get more value for their money.”

Barclaycard Freedom, which launches in March, offers the concept of a rewards programme to many small and medium retailers for the first time. In addition to encompassing household names, including npower, over 30,000 retail outlets have been invited to be part of the scheme at launch. On average there will be 200 retailers within a five mile radius of where a Barclaycard cardholder lives and many more retailers are expected to join in the coming months.

Sarah Newman, Managing Director of Barclaycard Freedom, commented: “Barclaycard Freedom incorporates all of the best elements of a rewards scheme with no vouchers or coupons to collect and no points to calculate – the rewards are quite simply in pounds and pence. Offers like npower’s – the first of its kind in the Barclaycard Freedom scheme – give customers a new way that they can build up their reward balance. We hope that customers enjoy spending their Reward Money.”

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$4.8 Million Dollar Energy Efficiency Program comes to the Sierra Nevada

Local governments and businesses in 14 Sierra Nevada counties will have new access to cutting edge, energy efficient technology through a new collaboration between Sierra Business Council and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). From 2010 to 2012, Sierra Business Council, a non-profit organization based in Truckee, CA will be offering free energy audits and low-cost retrofits to commercial PG&E customers in the Sierra Nevada through a new program called the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch.

$4.8 Million Dollar Energy Efficiency Program comes to the Sierra Nevada

“During this tough economic downturn, we are excited to be able to support our local businesses and governments by offering cost-cutting energy efficiency services,” said Steve Frisch, President of the Sierra Business Council. “This project embodies our long-standing mission of demonstrating that environmental quality and economic prosperity are compatible goals.”

In addition to offering energy efficiency services and products, the program will help local governments conduct greenhouse gas inventories and develop climate action plans to help the state meet its AB32 emission reduction goals. The program takes a comprehensive approach to the region’s energy needs. “We aren’t just dropping in light bulbs,” explained Program Manager, Betony Jones, “We are looking for deep, long-term savings, and we are developing the local workforce capacity to provide clean energy services far into the future.”

The Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program is funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. It offers services for municipal, special district, and non-profit facilities as well as small and medium businesses throughout the PG&E service area from Lassen to Mariposa Counties. Those interested in participating in the program or learning more should contact Sierra Business Council at 530-582-4800.

For more information about the Sierra Nevada Energy Watch Program, and to see tips on saving energy at home and the workplace, please visit

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Global NES of Oregon Helping To Pave A Bright Future!

Global NES of Oregon is a world leader in providing a comprehensive 360 Degree Approach to New Energy Solutions.

Global NES of Oregon specializes in energy efficiencies methodologies and renewable energy technologies powered by clean sustainable solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources. We partner with businesses, governments and industrial clients to identify, design, finance, and build new energy solutions that deliver energy efficiency and take advantage of today’s most innovative renewable energy technologies.

We develop a custom designed system, meeting the energy needs of your company and your community. Renewable Energy solutions deliver long term financial and environmental benefits that are critical for success in today’s demanding markets.

Global NES offers a 360° Approach:
• We listen to our customers in order to fully understand our clients goals and objectives
• We complete an in-depth, state of the art energy evaluation and analysis to determine efficiency, as well as, system options that meet our client’s needs
• We propose and implement energy reduction measures reducing overall energy consumption
• We design and build innovative renewable systems that reduce or eliminate energy expense
• We partner with our clients to deliver financial options and incentives that maximize Return on Investment
• We continue our relationship beyond project completion to ensure a long-term, sustainable solution was delivered

Global NES of Oregon Helping To Pave A Bright Future!

Is Renewable Energy Right For Me?
Renewable energy has a broad-based appeal. The end-line consumer is a homeowner, landlord, retail business owner, farmer, rancher, manufacturer, school, hospital, church, apartment complex owner and virtually anyone who pays a utility bill.

Your motivation:
• Supplementing your energy needs or providing 100% of the power for your location or facility
• Renewable energy offers an opportunity to become self-sufficient
• Revenue generation by selling the energy you produce to tenants or back to the utility providers themselves.
• Reduce your carbon footprint on this planet by reducing emissions and use or dependency on fossil fuels.

No matter what your needs or desires are, we have the solutions for you.

Financing and Incentives
As part of the Global NES 360 Degree Approach, we work closely with our Clients to ensure the right financing options are presented and utilized, as well as our Clients take advantage of all state and federal incentives. The coordination of financing and incentives are critical in delivering a complete project and maximizing Return on Investment.

Global NES offers a wide variety of financing options including traditional financing packages, lease options and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). We have an extensive network of financial relationships and partners specializing in financing and investing in renewable energy solutions. Our network includes financing options from the following sources:

• Traditional Financial Institutions
• Leasing Companies
• Investment Banks
• Hedge Funds
• Insurance Companies
• Private Investors
• Venture Capital Firms

Federal and State Incentives
We work closely with our Clients to identify and present the best financial options. We then work hand in hand with our Clients and financing partners to prepare and complete a financial package that maximizes the opportunity for project completion and delivers maximum Return on Investment for our Clients.

There are currently a growing number of local, state and federal incentives designed to help companies develop and expand renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. These incentives can dramatically help fund or offset project costs, and include some of the following:

• Government and Private Grants
• Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBS)
• Renewable Energy Production Incentive (REPI)
• Favorable Financing Terms
• Rebates
• Tax Incentives and Deductions

With the complexity and rapidly growing number of incentives, it can be overwhelming and challenging to ensure the right incentives are identified and taken advantage of. Global NES works with corporate Clients to make sure all the local, state and federal incentives are identified and fulfilled. These incentives can play a critical role in defining a project’s overall financial outlook, determining cost savings and maximizing Return on Investment.

Energy Efficiency
As part of the Global NES 360° Approach we utilize state of the art technology to analyze and evaluate building infrastructure, systems and processes. Our expert engineering teams identify, design and implement integrated energy reduction solutions that optimize efficiency and maximize savings.

Global NES begins with an in-depth energy analysis and evaluation focusing on building construction, occupancy patterns, mechanical and electrical systems including HVAC and lighting. We design, present and coordinate energy reduction measures that improve facility efficiency, reduce operating cost and maximize shareholder value.

Benefits of Energy Reduction Measures
• Reduce operating expenses and improve cash flow by dramatically reducing energy/utility consumptions
• Identify and reduce energy waste
• Capitalize on federal tax deductions and other government incentives
• Increase the value of your facility
• Decrease maintenance time and costs
• Secure favorable interest rates and terms through Green Financing Options
• Make a positive contribution to the environment by reducing your carbon foot print and greenhouse gas emissions

Global NES also partners with our Clients to ensure maximum Return on Investment by identifying and coordinating favorable financing options and ensuring Clients take advantage of all possible rebates, grants and tax incentives. Please Feel Free To Contact Us For More Information, Or To Schedule Your Free Energy Analysis.

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npower Welcomes Cash Rewards For Low Carbon Electricity And Heating

npower has welcomed the Government’s announcement regarding Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) levels and urged consumers to buy now to take advantage of the Government scheme.

The scheme offers financial assistance when installing solar PV panels, potentially earning customers £986 per year.

Julia Lynch-Williams, Director of Energy Services for npower, commented: “According to Government calculations, consumers generating their own electricity from solar PV panels could earn approximately £986 per year from tax free generation payments and bill savings combined.

“The new Feed-in-Tariff arrangement means homeowners have the opportunity to earn more than ever before from generating their own electricity and together with a grant, solar is certainly a more attractive investment than it’s ever been. Given that the Government has increased generation levels since the consultation in July, now definitely looks to be the best time to buy.”

With a typical installation costing around £12,000, FITs will see the payback period considerably reduced.

npower has seen enquiries in solar panels increase by 200 per cent since the Feed-in-Tariffs were first announced in July 2009, and expects this trend to continue.

To help homeowners take advantage of FITs, npower solar offers a complete ‘one-stop-shop’ service including site survey, grant application support, installation and buy back of excess energy.

npower’s website includes guidance for homeowners on solar installations, including a suitability calculator which tells homeowners whether their property is suitable for solar installations and offers a free estimate for installation.

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BPU’s Townsend and Johnson receive 2010 Black Achievers Award

Patrice Townsend, Key Account Utility Specialist for the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities and Cynthia Johnson, Superintendent of Stores, were recently named recipients of the 2010 Black Achievers in Business and Industry Award, sponsored by the Southern Leadership Christian Conference of Greater Kansas City and the Black Achievers Society. Townsend and Johnson were honored at a Recognition Dinner on January 14, 2010.

BPU's Townsend and Johnson receive 2010 Black Achievers Award

The Black Achievers Award is awarded to African Americans in middle to upper management business positions in Kansas City who display corporate accomplishment, better their community through civic and philanthropic activity, and mentor others around them to exceed and achieve.

“Patrice and Cynthia are terrific well-respected utility employees, professional in their work capacity and active within the community,” stated Don Gray, General Manager of the BPU. “Both have achieved greater responsibility within the organization, continued their education and professional development, and remained active in civic and other causes.”

Townsend, a 25-year employee with the BPU, worked her way up from a Customer Service Representative to the key position she holds today, where she acts as the primary liaison to key utility customers. In the community, she has served on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Wyandotte County, is president of the BPU’s Employee Foundation, Inc., coordinates the Annual Day of Caring within the community, assists with Back-to-School Project fundraising efforts, and organizes BPU’s support for the KCK Housing Authority’s “Christmas in the City” annual event. Townsend graduated from Sumner High School , attended Kansas City , Kansas Community College where she earned an Associates Degree in Business, received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Rockhurst College , and is currently working towards a Master of Arts Degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University.

Johnson, a 24-year employee with the BPU, has also achieved positions of greater responsibility, working her way up from Stock Control Clerk to her position today in which she is responsible for all inventory management and control of the utility’s five logistic warehouses. In the community, she is a 2009 graduate of Leadership 2000, a nine-month leadership initiative that trains area leaders in community service. Johnson also assists two faith-based community projects that assist in clothing the homeless and elderly, and assisting battered women. In her church, she serves as a key administrator for its community outreach programs that administers through theatrical productions and serves as Superintendent of Christian Education. Johnson graduated from Washington High School , and has participated in numerous training and professional development courses offered by BPU.

About BPU
BPU is a public utility that serves approximately 65,000 electric and 51,000 water customers, primarily in Wyandotte County, Kansas. The mission of the utility and its 640 employees is “to be the utility of choice and the workplace of choice, while improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.” Go to for more information.

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npower Bill Gets Top Marks For Plain English And Clarity

npower is introducing new bills for its customers. The new bill, based on extensive research and feedback from customers, call centre staff and consumer groups, has received the Plain English Campaign’s Crystal Mark for clarity for its information page.

The front page of the new bill has been designed with a ‘less is more’ approach. It is extremely clear and easy to read, with the front page summary now simply showing the customer’s account details; npower’s customer service number; exactly how much the customer owes or is owed; whether the bill is estimated or based on a meter reading; and emergency contact details.

On the second page, there is a ‘jargon buster’ section, which clearly explains the unavoidable technical terms that have to be included on any energy bill, such as ‘calorific value’ and ‘correction factor’. It also talks customers through ‘what’s a watt?’ and explains exactly how npower works out customers’ bills.

The third page, detailing how the customer’s account balance has been calculated, has been amended to make the calculations clearer and also includes an energy usage graph so that customers can compare their usage over a set period of time to the corresponding period the previous year.

“Our discussions with customers and stakeholders have told us that people want their energy bills to be clearer and simpler; they want to know how much they have to pay and how that amount has been calculated,” explained Chris Johnson, managing director of npower’s retail operations.

“This is just one of the ways in which we’re working hard to improve our service to customers: we’re committed to listening to our customers, understanding what they want, and delivering products and services that meet their needs.”

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