npower Reveals Parents Fear of Gadget Takeover

Npower has revealed that Parents fear they are being replaced by gadgets in their children’s lives, new research by the energy supplier has found.

Almost half (46%) of the parents taking part in the study said communication with their children has been affected by technology.

A third (34%) admitted they had to compete with games consoles and online social networking for their children’s attention and over a quarter (28%) feel redundant and hurt by the lack of involvement in their child’s life.

Evaluating the findings, psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said families should “spend time together doing face-to-face activities”.

She said: “Just an hour a day interacting as a family can boost confidence and improve verbal communication.

“Because this level of technology was not present when we were growing up, it’s important to use it in a way that enriches our family life as opposed to using it to the detriment of other ways of communicating with each other.”

The research was carried out nationwide and 1,000 parents and 1,000 children were involved.

Energy company npower commissioned it in support of its No Power Hour campaign, a UK-wide roadshow hosted by ex-England manager Kevin Keegan. No Power Hour will see Keegan encourage families to save energy by spending more time together in the open air.

The study also found that half of all children (51%) spend up to five hours a day glued to a screen and more than a quarter (27%) prefer to communicate digitally rather than face to face, while one in four prefer playing on an X-Box console to spending time with their family.

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npower Teams Up With Kevin Keegan For No Power Hour

npower has announced it will be teaming with Kevin Keegan to help fans of the beautiful game save energy in Sunderland.

Former Newcastle boss Keegan will visit the city to encourage families to spend an hour doing something fun without using electricity.

And the 60-year-old reckons a kick-about is the perfect way to get fit and help the environment at the same time.

Kevin Keegan said: “The No Power Hour is designed to get kids and parents off computers and get them out for an hour after switching everything off.

“We’re in Sunderland first then in a couple of weeks up in Leeds – it’s a fantastic set-up we’ve got.

“We’re not saying you can replace technology, it’s here forever after all. What we’re saying is sometimes you’ve got to switch it off and spend a bit of time with your kids – and you can do it together.

“You can do things that will become a lot of fun for you. What happened to making kites and things like that?

“What we’re saying is come out and just do something with your kids, the things you do that are great fun and cost nothing except the effort to get out the house and go somewhere.”

Children and parents can join Keegan’s master class at Seaburn Recreation Park where he will display football skills they can practise together in back gardens, on playing fields, at the beach, the sports centre, the park and even in the living room using no power.

Children can also get involved on the Climate cops, where they can download a mission chart, to keep track of the activities they participate in.

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npower Urges Businesses To Have Their Say On Energy Legislation

npower, the energy firm, has announced that businesses need to make sure they make their voices heard when it comes to shaping current and future energy legislation. npower has launched its own consultation for businesses in response to the government’s Red Tape Challenge.

The ‘Red Tape Challenge’ was launched in April 2011 with the aim of engaging with different industries to gather feedback on current UK legislation, to help simplify the regulatory landscape for businesses.

npower’s ‘Red Tape Challenge – Have Your Say’ campaign is designed to give businesses the opportunity to feedback on current and future energy regulation affecting the sector. Businesses can have their say on the energy policies they think should be scrapped, merged with existing regulation, simplified or left.

Once feedback has been gathered, the energy company will submit its findings on behalf of businesses to the government’s Red Tape Challenge, ahead of the utilities and energy sector’s consultation deadline on 27 October 2011.

The campaign was launched in response to the Red Tape Challenge as well as npower’s own research that revealed strong business opinion on current and proposed energy legislation.

When asked about the proposed Electricity Market Reform (EMR) nearly half of companies surveyed believed the EMR would be complex and unwieldy for businesses. Similarly, research conducted to coincide with the first anniversary of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) found that 45% of businesses want to see the CRC scrapped.

David Cockshott, director of industrial and commercial markets at npower, said: “The UK’s business community has been given a unique opportunity on an unprecedented scale to have its say on energy legislation and we are urging them to get involved and make their voices heard.

“We know from conversations with our own customers that businesses find it difficult keeping track of the legislation or potential legislation affecting them, from the EMR to the CRC. Now businesses can tell the government exactly what policies they think should be scrapped, merged with existing regulation, simplified or left as they are.

“We understand that everyone is busy, which is why we are launching the npower Red Tape Challenge – Have Your Say campaign. It simplifies the process and is designed to provide businesses with a less time-consuming way to air their views on current energy related legislation.

“This type of opportunity to influence legislation does not come along everyday and we urge businesses of all shapes and sizes to take the time now to have their say on the energy policy of the future.”

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npower Hometeam Praised By Financial Expert Jasmine Birtles

npower hometeam has been named by Jasmine Birtles has a good example of a company who shares its ‘no claims’ cost savings with customers.

Broadcaster, financial expert and founder of, Jasmine Birtles, has attacked British businesses which profit from insurance, cover and care products and then fail to share the cost savings with those customers who don’t make a claim.

Birtles has called for businesses to offer a form of ‘no claims bonus’ cash back and it seems British families feeling the squeeze agree. A survey of 2,000 consumers* released shows that nearly 80 per cent believe they should receive an annual cash pay-out if they don’t call on an insurance or care product.

Her comments add to the on-going PPI debate which has seen banks come under increasing pressure over insurance products. Yet Birtles is quick to point out that the problem is wide-spread across the consumer market.

She explained: “All sorts of corporations, from banks to insurance companies and energy providers, clearly benefit from cost to serve savings when customers don’t claim against their products or policies, but where’s the reward for these customers? Good business is a two-way thing where both sides should benefit. As the cost of living continues to rise, wouldn’t it be nice to see more big businesses sharing these savings with some sort of cash back?

“npower’s hometeam 50 boiler and central heating care is a good example, as it’s priced the same as British Gas’ homecare, but offers customers 50% cash back if they don’t have an emergency call out during their 12 month care plan. Currently, npower is the only boiler care provider offering anything like this.

“npower estimates it will be pay out more than £700,000 in cash back over the next 12 months, but if all energy providers did this, there could be cash back of more than £500million in customers’ pockets from the boiler care market alone.”**

If businesses followed this advice it actually might benefit them, as 81 per cent of consumers questioned in the npower survey said they would be more likely to choose a product if it offered some sort of cash back.

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npower Reveals Brits Haven’t Lost The Urge To Splurge

npower has revealed that even those British families might be feeling the squeeze, they haven’t lost our urge to splurge, with the average Brit expected to spend more than £70,000 on impulse buys over a lifetime.

A survey of more than 2,000 customers conducted by npower hometeam 50, which is currently giving cash back to thousands of customers, suggests that whilst half of people choose to save spare cash from their monthly income, triggers such as receiving birthday money, coming into an unexpected windfall such as cash back from a company, or a small win on the lottery, will result in a spur of the moment purchase.

More than a third of consumers treat themselves to an impulse buy at least once a week spending on average £21.34. That’s £1,114.56 a year and an incredible£70,217.28 forked out during the average adult lifetime. Surprisingly, men spend more on impulse buys than women frittering away £25.67 per week compared to a more frugal £18.89.

Items such as food, clothes, magazines and wine prove irresistible for girls when passing through the high street or supermarket, whilst books, shoes and toiletries also top the list for compulsive female shoppers. Predictably, food, beer and DVDs are the most common treats for their male counterparts.

Emily Stagg, from npower hometeam 50, said: “General consensus would have it that British consumers are trying to save every penny at the moment, but our research suggests that when we come into a small windfall, such as a small win on the lottery or cash back, we’re still more likely to treat ourselves or our loved ones.

“£20 a week might not seem a lot, but can add up to a huge amount over a lifetime. For £70,000 you could easily put a large deposit on a house, pay off all your debits or buy a sports car.”

70 per cent admit they are more likely to give in to temptation if there is a sale on. But 61 per cent of women firmly cite retail therapy as a reason for shopping on impulse, and often spend more money if they are feeling a bit down or depressed compared to just 38 per cent of men.

When it comes to confessing all to a partner, 33 per cent of girls admit they don’t bother telling him about their recent purchases. A fifth of couples argue regularly as a direct result of overspending each week, and 67 per cent of women admit they are definitely the worst for impulse buys.

Emily Stagg continued: “As part of our hometeam 50 product, we’ll be giving cashback to thousands of hometeam 50 customers over the next 12 months – that’s an awful lot of impulse buys.”

The cashback campaign will see hometeam 50 customers who signed up to the boiler care and central heating care product 12 months ago and who haven’t had to call out npower’s hometeam, receive 50% of the amount they paid npower, back.

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