DonRay Petroleum, LLC Announces Completion of the DRP Grace I-36 Well

DonRay Petroleum, LLC, a privately held oil and gas company located in Oklahoma City, today announced the completion of the DRP Grace I-36 Joint Venture well in Noble, County Okla for the month of June 2010.

According to Ray Corbitt, Jr., president and joint venture manager of DonRay Petroleum, LLC, the well has been producing for only about 10 days so far.

“So far, it is averaging approximately 20 barrels of oil a day and 26,000 cubic feet of gas per day,” said Corbitt. “We will continue to monitor it closely to track results.”

About DonRay Petroleum, LLC
DonRay Petroluem, LLC is a privately held company that engages in Joint Ventures with private investors for the purpose of oil and gas exploration, production, operating and return on investment.

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San Diego Is ‘Almost’ A Small Wind Community!

DyoCore, a San Diego hybrid small wind/solar manufacturer on Friday July 23rd benefited from a unanimous approval by the County Planning Commission board to adopt changes in permitting to allow for the install and use of small residential/commercial wind turbines. DyoCore’s SolAir is one of the first small wind products to be allowed up to 5 units per structure anywhere under the jurisdiction of the County Planning Commission

DyoCore manufactures the SolAir, a residential / small commercial hybrid wind turbine. This small residential power house can provide about 2,000 kWh’s annually in green renewable power. For the past several years DyoCore has worked diligently in both becoming the first and only residential roof top turbine approved by the CEC (California Energy Commission) and working with municipalities on updating their building codes to allow its communities to take advantage of its technology and the state incentives that make the SolAir almost completely free to purchase and install!

SolAir is the only approved Turbine though the CEC that is virtually free. For each installed SolAir unit the state of California through the CEC, funded by major utilities companies such as San Diego Gas and Electric, will pay you up to 100% of your cost and installation within 4 to 6 weeks of final installation.

David Raine, the founder of DyoCore said “The County Planning Commission of San Diego are not the first to recognize the potential of Small Wind and DyoCore’s power generator in the state of California and not the first in the County as Carlsbad recognized the benefit of these solutions within its community only just a few weeks ago along with several other areas in California that are very friendly to renewable energy and specifically small wind”. David expects other communities to follow in these footsteps very soon but not without an uphill battle.

States and the Federal government in preparation of these new modern green technologies several years ago began adopting and outlining Green energy guidelines but these have and will continue to take time to trickle down to the community level.

Communities have not addressed these types of products since the early 70’s and most current regulations are specific to “Large” pole mounted turbines. DyoCore’s SolAir in most communities doesn’t fit into any building code category. Even though it is light weight, appealing, silent and an easy to install generator at less than 65” tall this is a completely new solution that requires new thinking in how to change existing or implement new codes that allow for modern friendly green technologies.

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npower Reports South Africa Economic Success Boosts Case For England 2018 World Cup Bid

Npower has reported that preliminary figures from the South African government have revealed that the staging of the World Cup brought an estimated boost to the economy of R93bn (£8bn).

These figures strongly support the business case for backing the bid to get the world’s biggest football tournament to England in 2018 according to npower, an official supporter of the England 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A poll conducted by the energy company revealed that more than 82% of bosses believe a World Cup in England would be great for business, 55% say it will deliver major financial benefit, and 63% say it would boost morale.

With the FIFA delegation set to visit each potential host city in August, npower is now calling on the business community to pledge their support for a World Cup in England in 2018. FIFA makes its decision on the host nation for 2018 in December 2010.

Kevin Peake, marketing director at npower, commented: “FA calculations suggest that the World Cup could bring as much as £3.2 billion to the economy, and the figures coming out of South Africa so far, although preliminary, show the economic boost a country can receive by staging this tournament.

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npower Reports English Businesses Want World Cup On Home Soil In 2018

According to a new survey from npower, with the England football team making an early return from South Africa, disappointed bosses are keeping their fingers crossed for a successful campaign to bring the 2018 World Cup to England.

More than 82% of the bosses polled believe a World Cup would be great for business, with 55% saying it will deliver major financial benefit, while 63% said it would boost morale.

npower, Official England 2018 FIFA World Cup(TM) Bid Supporter, is now calling on people to pledge their support for a World Cup in England in 2018, to help give a boost for business. FIFA makes its decision on the host nation for 2018 in December 2010.

In the CBI’s June survey of retailers, shops reported buoyant sales of food, drinks and television sets, as households got ready for the tournament in South Africa, but England’s failure to reach the latter stages have seen sales plummet. Retailers and pubs were hopeful that footie fever would carry on into July.

A successful 2018 World Cup bid would go some way to make up the shortfall with FA calculations suggesting it could bring as much as £3.2 billion to the economy.

“Whilst people may be disappointed that England didn’t make it further in the tournament, we now need for everyone to get behind the 2018 bid and show their support to host the World Cup in England in eight year’s time. There isn’t much time left to pledge support as the host nation will be decided this December, so it’s important businesses back the bid now, rather than later.” said npower’s marketing director, Kevin Peake.

“The opportunity to bring the tournament to England would be fantastic. Businesses of all sizes across the country would benefit and many of these will be the small businesses located around the host grounds – the food stalls, pubs, cafes and suppliers to the grounds.

“As the Official Supporters of the 2018 FIFA World Cup(TM) Bid, we are already working with small businesses in the host cities to highlight the important role they will play and also support them with energy efficiency advice. We hope this will help them reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.”

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npower Heath Through Warmth Scheme Reaches 2000th Milestone

npower’s Heath Through Warmth scheme has reached two impressive milestones this month, seven years after its launch in Leicester.

The scheme, which is managed locally by Leicester City Council in partnership with NHS Leicester, hit two milestones within days of one another, receiving its 2,000th referral and accessing £2 million of leverage to fund the heating and insulation measures installed for vulnerable Leicester residents with cold and damp related illnesses.

npowers Health Through Warmth scheme aims to help vulnerable residents whose health is made worse by cold and damp living conditions and they don’t have inadequate heating and insulation.

The scheme relies on community workers referring people to the scheme. Each referral is assessed individually by the local Health Through Warmth co-ordinator and funding is accessed from a variety of sources, including the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, government grants and charitable funds to help pay for the installation of appropriate heating and insulation measures.

Elaine Midwinter, Health Through Warmth scheme manager, commented: “We’re thrilled that Health Through Warmth has reached two such impressive milestones in Leicester. I’d like to thank the team at Leicester City Council, as well as all our partners and referrers who have helped to make Health Through Warmth such a success in the area. It is thanks to their hard work that we are able to continue improving the comfort and quality of life for vulnerable residents.”

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