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Legislation Currently Being Debated in the 2017 Virginia Assembly Seeks to Correct Federal Injustice and Save Virginia Jobs

Richmond, Virginia, 2017-Jan-19 — /EPR ENERGY NEWS/ — Two Bills introduced into the Virginia General assembly last week raise the hopes of many. Hundreds of Virginians will lose their jobs over the coming months due to inaction on the federal level.

Virginia HB 1891 and SB 1392 seek to remedy the situation.

For years geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and wind turbines were treated as a triad and equally endorsed and supported by the government’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. When the Tax Credit was extended in late 2015 for solar and wind it left out Geothermal. Nancy Pelosi and other leaders immediately stated it was a drafting error that would be corrected ASAP. That never happened and we are left wondering, why?

“The government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers” Virginia Geothermal Heat Pump Association Director Richard Lay said recently. “We compete for the same consumers dollars. When the long standing Federal tax credit was extended last year for solar and wind and geothermal was omitted, we were left with an unfair playing field. Geothermal works better for Virginia than solar or wind. The return on investment is not even close. Side by side we beat them every time, but now our product is $1.00 and theirs is 70¢ and hundreds of people in the VA geothermal industry will lose their jobs because of it.”

Candidates for VA governor in 2017 Republican Senator Frank Wagner (7th district) and Republican Delegate Timothy Hugo (40th district) introduced bills last week to remedy this situation. Whether current state budget deficits keep them from being successful remains to be seen.


Virginia Geothermal Heat Pump Association,
12210 Fairfax Town Center Suite 500, Fairfax VA 22033
877-GET-GEO1 (438-4361)

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Business Monitor International Reveals Risks Of Unconventional Oil Going Global

Business Monitor International (BMI) has published its latest study; ‘Technological Innovations Transform the Global Oil Market’. This comprehensive assessment seeks to address the key discussion points over the past decade. These include the rise and increasing assertiveness of NOCs, the geopolitical implications of the locations of major oil reserves and of course, the overarching issue of the security of supply of the industrialised world vis a vis the increasing demands from emerging markets.

Unconventional oil exploration has the potential to change the dynamics governing the entire market. Business Monitor International anticipates the successes recorded in North America and more recently Argentina with shale oil, exploration to catalyse the adoption of new technology for players across the world in the coming years.

With investment and R&D rapidly breaching technological barriers in shale oil, Business Monitor International predicts environmental legislation as being the main factor in determining the levels of global unconventional oil production. Alternatively, the costs and technical difficulties still associated with shale oil, will result in low volumes over the next decade.

Oil extraction technology is being pushed to its limits, which in turn has catalysed new technological innovations that seek to turn unrecoverable resources-in place to commercially viable reserves. Shale oil (aka tight oil) and oil shale now represent the next frontier for unconventional oil E&P.

BMI’s portfolio of products provides comprehensive analysis across oil and gas industries which enable global investors, emerging market strategists and decision-makers across the corporate spectrum to assess and evaluate global political and economic risks and aid strategic planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

About Business Monitor International:
Business Monitor International established in 1984 with headquarters in London is recognised as a leading independent source for analysis and forecasts on Country Risk and Industry Analysis, spanning 175 countries. BMI provides research to multinational corporations, banks, funds, research centres and governments in 140 countries around the world, including more than 400 of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

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The Co-operative Calls For Moratorium On Shale Gas Extraction In The UK

The Government should impose an immediate moratorium on the extraction of natural gas from the UK’s shale formations until all the ecological implications are fully understood.

That is the conclusion of a carefully considered report commissioned by The Co-operative to coincide with the UK premiere of the award winning film, Gasland, which shows the astonishing implications of shale gas extraction in the United States.

The report, written by the internationally respected Tyndall Centre, part of The University of Manchester, highlights evidence from the US, where some residents of Pennsylvania can now set fire to their drinking water, which suggests shale gas extraction brings a significant risk of groundwater contamination.

Moreover, the exploitation of gas shales is bringing new greenhouse gas sources into play and even a mid-range extraction scenario could see carbon dioxide levels rise globally by some 5 parts per million by 2050. This will further reduce any slim possibility of maintaining global temperature changes at or below 2˚C and thereby increase the risk of entering a period of ‘dangerous climate change’.

The report concludes that until a sufficient evidence base is developed, a precautionary approach to development in the UK is the only responsible action to take to minimise the potential impact on global climate change.

With conventional natural gas reserves declining globally, shale gas has emerged as a potentially significant new source of “unconventional gas”. In the United States, production of shale gas expanded fivefold between 1990 and 2008 and it is predicted that production will expand further to meet a significant proportion of US gas demand in the next 20 years.

The rapid growth of shale gas production in the US has raised interest in the UK, with a number of businesses beginning activities, particularly on the Fylde coast of North West England.

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National Grid Seeking Billions in Future Natural Gas Rate Adjustments in Massachusetts

National Grid in Massachusetts, filed for new rates from its Massachusetts natural gas customers. The rate filing dated April 16, 2010, proposes billions of dollars in infrastructure replacement programs with an estimated completion timeframe of over 20 years.

The rate increase National Grid is seeking is actually three years prior to the deadline of the current 10 year rate case approved by Massachusetts state utility regulatory agency the Department of Public Utilities, or the “DPU” in 2003 under DPU docket 03-40.

The New England Gas Workers Association (NEGWA) opposes the rate proposal as planned, stating the rate plan as filed is certainly not in the best interest of ratepayers and their families, as well as their members who most are ratepayers as well.

NEGWA’s president, Mark McDonald, had this to say regarding NEGWA’s opposition to the company’s plans;

The infrastructure replacement program, the key component in this rate plan in our opinion, is not good for anyone other than their shareholders.

“The companies plan is to have Massachusetts ratepayers build National Grid a “new” gas company and reduce staffing and services for its customers, while generating valuable gains for National Grid in terms of increased throughput designed to allow the ability to add thousands of ratepayers, as well as relieving the burden of gaming access to hundreds of thousands of homes to perform regular mandated maintenance, by moving gas meters outside the home at their current customers expense.”

McDonald is clear in adding, NEGWA is not supporting leaving leak ridden, hazardous piping in the ground”. “What we would like to see is a fiscal approach to updating, and maintaining our infrastructure”.

This could easily be established with necessary replacement plans, as well as a maintain plan, designed to control aging leaks with repair and increased efforts in monitoring gas leaks that are not repaired immediately.

McDonald also points to pending legislation sponsored by State Representative Lori Ehrlich (Dem) from Marblehead, designed to require gas companies in the state, perform efficient and safe leak repairs within 36 months from detection. There are also several triggers designed to protect trees and vegetation from damage due to oxygen displacement caused by gas leaks. “If this legislation reaches the approval of Beacon Hill, it would mandate all gas company’s in the state, including National Grid take aggressive steps in maintaining OUR gas distribution system and negate the debate over questionable infrastructure replacement programs costing billions of dollars more out of our pockets each winter!”

To add insult to injury NEGWA notes, the company is planning on bringing out of state workers in excess of 400 into Massachusetts (National Grid has even held discussions with their United Kingdom sub-contractors on this subject), to perform this questionable work, and then take the money from Massachusetts ratepayers and return home to boost their state or countries economy!

McDonald mentions in closing, “we would like to see National Grid do the right thing here in Massachusetts, and agree to a reasonable approach to infrastructure replacement and leak management, as well as promoting the future of its employees and their families, which in turn will help support the Massachusetts economy instead of sending large sums of money back to England”.

Does this sound familiar to Massachusetts residents??

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Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?

With just a few months before President-elect Barack Obama takes over the White House, one expert is questioning whether his plan for infrastructure reform is complete. 

Months ago, Obama called for the creation of a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to help rebuild America’s roads and bridges.

Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?, says the plan ought to include provisions for dealing with a little-known but serious form of electrical pollution called “stray current.”

“The way that utility companies in this country have built their distribution systems allows stray current to run through American homes and infrastructure on its way back to substations,” says Allen. “That stray current has killed people as well as livestock, and could be taxing the healthcare system by causing illness.”

More and more lawsuits across the nation are being won by plaintiffs who are suing utility companies over this dangerous issue. 

Mr. Allen says that Obama’s plan should include legislation that mandates utility companies return stray current to their substations on a third wire, just as the builders of homes are required to install outlets with a third wire. “If stray current isn’t stopped, Americans will continue to suffer its effects,” says Mr. Allen.

Some states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and New York, have already tried to pass legislation requiring that utility companies monitor stray current but many of those attempts have fallen short. The attempted legislation followed studies that confirmed the dangers of stray current.

Electrocution of America is Mr. Allen’s attempt to combat stray voltage and the utilities that allow it. In his book, he points out that stray current, or stray voltage as it is sometimes called, can have devastating effects on people, including:
• An increase in the blood sugar levels of diabetics
• An increase in the severity of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis
• An increase in the incidents of ADD in children
• An increase in the numbers of fibromyalgia sufferers

There is even evidence of a reduction in the milk production of livestock.

Russ Allen is one of the heirs to the Allen Dairy Farm outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a leader in the movement against the electrical pollution of animals. He won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Wisconsin Public Service for the damage they caused to his dairy herd with the design of their distribution system.

Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? can be found on:

For more information, contact the author directly at

GLENMORE BOOKS and author Russ Allen chose Arbor Books ( to design and promote Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm. 

(Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? by Russ Allen; ISBN: 0-9779685-0-2; $22.95; softcover; 5½” x 8½”; 406 pages; GLENMORE BOOKS)

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McCain shows versatility in arranging for Coal delivery from the State of Arizona to provide power to Nevada gaming businesses

Senator McCain shows versatility in arranging for Coal delivery from the State of Arizona to provide power to Nevada gaming businesses. Removes Dineh-Navajo farmers from the Black Mesa area to allow Coal to be mined.

Senator John McCain of Arizona has worked vigorously since he was just a state Senator in Arizona, for nearly 30 years, to insure cheap coal driven power was available for the Casino Industry in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. (see:

Senator McCain’s efforts assured that the first ever steam powered Coal Slurry pipeline was built between Kayenta, Arizona, and the Mohave Generating Station, and that Coal Mining Giant had all the resources it needs to dig the Coal that is plentiful and near the surface of Black Mesa, Airzona. (see:

His constant support and indefatigable work insuring that key laws were passed made it possible for Coal and Power Giants Peabody Western Coal and Bechtel Corporation to team up and make sure that the biggest tourism industry in the US: Casino Gaming, stayed vital and prolific with coal driven power. (see:

Furthermore, what Senator McCain has done legislatively as head of the Senate Committe on Indian Affairs for the Navajo of Arizona (500 year residents of Arizona reservations) is a classical example of the US Senate at its best. Resettlement programs to make certain that the Natives were not disrupted by the mining operations, political support to organize Hopi tribal counsels, to make certain that every farmer’s land rights were vigorishly insured, right down to payments of $2500 or more for individual parcels, have insured a continuous flow of coal slurry to Nevada, so that the Gaming Industry has had all the power from the Mohave Generators that it needs to “light up the strip” nightly, on the face of power shortages ordinarily seen throughout California and Nevada. (see:

The Casino Gaming and Power Industry have been undoubtedly pleased by Senator McCain’s activities on their behalf, and have been amongst his staunchest supporters in his three runs for the White House.

For these and other details, press footage, documentation on his amazing achievements, and supporting film, see:

This information has been issued by the American Computer Scientists Association Inc. in order to insure that the Public finds out what an amazing man Senator John McCain really is. The ACSA, headquartered in Los Alamos, Nevada, and Cranford, NJ, is one of the world’s largest private non-profit foundations in the Computer Sciences. It’s website is:

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