Energy Bulbs Proud To Introduce GU10 Range For Bright Lighting

Energy Bulbs takes a pride in being able to supply bulbs to all different sectors of the market and the GU10 range has been a very important range over the years. The original GU range, which appeared some years ago when ceiling lights became a fashion in Kitchens and Bathrooms throughout the newer houses and apartment blocks of the British housing market. The original bulbs were standard 60 watt bulbs, which gave a much better lighting system to areas where a good light source increased the workload and the quality of work. Businesses and production units followed and the GU10 lamp became a highly used unit. They are however fairly costly to run in this form and the bulb life is relatively short which means extra maintenance and also these bulbs can often blow a fuse when they short out which puts the area into total darkness.

Decor 7W Quadruple High Power GU10 LEDs which are supplied by Energy Bulbs are an excellent workhorse that will go on for a very long time with the average working life of around 50,000 hours resulting in little or no maintenance and of course with no bulbs shorting out there are no power trips to bother about either. Energy Bulbs note that the Décor 7W Quadruple Bulb has 4 LEDs within the bulb to give the high power of the bulb and the cool white light. The 7 watt rating means a power saving of some 75 to 80% when pitted against the standard 60 watt halogen bulb. LED bulbs have a range of light quality and the colour of the light depends on the material sprayed on the diode. Historically white light is the most difficult to form as the sprayed materials are difficult to find which give white light and white light is often formed from a mixture of different colours from different materials. The Decor 7W Quadruple High Power GU10 Lamp gives a cool white light with a 36 degree angle of light spread, which is quite good for an LED lamp. If this light is a little too harsh Energy Bulbs can supply the same version of GU 10 lamp but with a daylight bulb to give a softer feel to the light.

Because of the very low power usage these bulbs run at a much lower temperature than the normal bulbs. Energy Bulbs are proud to note that the expected savings in power are some 20 times the cost of the energy bulb itself. These levels of saving are very good and do not take into account the savings light bulb changing time which over the 50,000 hour life cycle of the bulb would be quite large when compared to the expenditure on the normal bulbs. There is some outlay if bulbs are changed throughout a house or an office or work place but these costs will be very quickly recouped on normal operation. Call or email Energy Bulbs for complete details or look at the web site.

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