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Brit’s Nasty TV Habits Revealed Due to Lack of Family Shows

Millions of Brits are wasting energy by watching one of their three household televisions alone while housemates or relatives watch the same TV show in another room*, according to new research by energy supplier npower.

Lack of family friendly programmes has led to this division in the home showing that the days of family bonding over a favourite television show are sadly long gone – and 46% of Brits have absolutely no idea how much energy they are wasting as a result of this fragmented viewing.

The poll of 2,000 people showed that the reason behind the nation’s disjointed viewing habits seems to have come down to what’s on the box. Last year there were only two shows which brought the family together for communal viewing and both are thanks to Simon Cowell – X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

With three televisions on average per household and no shared preference regarding what’s on, it’s no surprise that the overall energy consumption in homes is responsible for over a quarter of all UK emissions of carbon dioxide. Cutting out certain behaviours like wasteful TV consumption can reduce carbon emissions and save households over £300 a year.

Further figures showed:
– 47% of Brits put the telly on just to keep them company
– 42% of the nation is glued to the screen for approximately four hours a day
– 19% of Brits have a TV dinner every night of the week
– 15% of Brits put the telly on while they’re getting ready in the morning even though they don’t watch it

Reassuringly, the poll revealed that people are not happy with this state of affairs. 32% of the population think television should be a sociable activity and 21% of viewers would prefer to watch television in the company of the rest of the household.

In response, npower has launched its smartpower campaign to encourage the public to watch TV programmes as a unit again and then monitor the difference in their energy consumption and bills via a free smartpower electricity monitor.

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Aeris Communications added an article reviewing smart energy solutions

Aeris Communications, the leading wireless communications service provider dedicated exclusively to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and telematics marketplace across North America, today announced the company has added an article reviewing smart energy solutions to its Website.

The article provides an overview of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), an “intelligent” technology that includes metering systems capable of recording and reporting energy consumption and other measurements at more frequent intervals than the typical billing cycle (usually monthly). The full article is available for viewing at http://www.aeris.net/articles/advanced-metering-infrastructure-ami.html.

Readily deployed over wireless networks, advanced metering technology will work with today’s energy sources (gas, water, electricity) and provides answers for management and conservation of future renewable energy grids. Through the use of AMI, development and management of new power markets promises both a brighter and greener future for all involved in the energy equation.

The article provides an overview of current and future uses of AMI and provides details about the benefits of implementing AMI including improved network reliability and system responsiveness as well as increased meter functionality. The article also outlines economic and environmental efficiencies.

About Aeris Communications, Inc.
Aeris is the leading wireless communications service provider dedicated exclusively to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Telematics marketplace across North America. Aeris has assembled and seamlessly integrated its top tier carrier partner networks through AerFrame™ to provide customers with simplified, unified, reliable, and even customized network services for M2M and Telematics applications. Since 1992, Aeris has developed expertise and patented technologies now proven on millions of devices and billions of messages per year. Aeris provides expert services, superior reliability, broader coverage, lower latency, and unsurpassed customer support and managed services. For more information, please visit http://www.aeris.net or call 1-888-GO-AERIS.


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